December 25, 2015

“Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.” James 1: 23-24
The Mirror

God holds up a mirror to us
where only one thing appears.
Our innermost heart.

We either see light,
joy and heavenly purity,
or something blackened
with selfish thoughts.

If we glimpse a terrible image,
the temptation is to walk away
from the mirror of God,
to forget who we are,
and busy ourselves.

Be brave,
study the mirror,
and search for the actions
that alone can save us.

Good actions are like
a crowd of friends
inviting us to a wedding.

Search for the good actions
you are destined to perform.
If you have missed them,
Go back and find the turning.

For good actions alone will bring our heart
into a state of love
mirroring the love of God.


December 25, 2015

 A referendum on proposal to give the end the monopoly of private banks on the creation of money and give the central bank the sole power to create money will be held in Switzerland after  a petition gained 110,000 signatures.

Switzerland has been a fortress for private banks and is the home of the most powerful private central bank of all, the Bank of International Settlements.

But on December 22, the Swiss federal government has said it will hold a referendum after the Swiss Sovereign Money movement known as the Vollgeld initiative managed to get enough signatures for a proposal to give the central bank the sole power and authority to create money in the financial system.

The referendum represents a landmark in the battle to end the stealth privatization of our money system which is at the heart of our debt and inflationary crisis in Switzerland, the Eurozone, the USA and UK.

The only country with sovereign money is China, which largely explains why it is prospering.

As the Telegraph noted in 2012, switching back to government issued money would “slash private debt by 100pc of GDP, boost growth, stabilize prices, and dethrone bankers all at the same time. “

“It could be done cleanly and painlessly, by legislative command, far more quickly than anybody imagined.

“The conjuring trick is to replace our system of private bank-created money — roughly 97pc of the money supply — with state-created money. We return to the historical norm, before Charles II placed control of the money supply in private hands with the English Free Coinage Act of 1666.

Specifically, it means an assault on “fractional reserve banking”. If lenders are forced to put up 100pc reserve backing for deposits, they lose the exorbitant privilege of creating money out of thin air.

The nation regains sovereign control over the money supply. There are no more banks runs, and fewer boom-bust credit cycles. Accounting legerdemain will do the rest. That at least is the argument.”

The private creation of money in the eurzone is unlawful and unconstitutional. Is is supported by no treaty or law.

The private creation of money is also proving to be a huge security threat because this is how the tiny clique of Globalists fund their criminal operations.



December 23, 2015

An ISIS terrorist who re-entered Europe on the back of an open doors policy promoted by Billionaire George Soros has said that the group is planning coordinated attacks on Germany.

A detained German terrorist from Bremen, Harry S, told authorities that Germany can expect an Islamic blitzkrieg from returning fighters.

There have been numerous warnings from Germany’s police and security services that Angela Merkel’s open doors policy is leaving the country wide open to the threat of ISIS attack. There has been evidence of a build up of terrorists and weapons caches inside the country. Yet, George Soros pushed the notion that Germany should accept vast numbers of migrants a year in an article published in Project Syndicate on September 26th.

This article by Soros is set to become a piece of evidence in an investigation currently underway in Greece into a murder attempt made against me as I was disclosing information about the wrongful activities of Soros and Alexis Tsipras on my blog. The reason is that Soros copied and mirrored a post on my blog written just one day earlier. My post even mentioned Soros’ role in the engineered migrant crisis.

But while Soros copied whole chunks of my report, including entire phrases of seven words in length, he failed to mention his own role in orchestrating the flow of vast numbers of migrants and refugees or the risk of terrorism. Why? Why the omission? Could it be that Soros is himself involved not just in orchestrating the flow of migrants but also the flow of those very terrorists and their weapons to Europe? Could it be that Soros wants to start a variation of his colour revolutions inside Germany? If there is a wave of terrorist attacks in Germany or anywhere by ISIS, there is also now a prime suspect as the funder, organizer and faciliator . George Soros.




December 23, 2015

Genetically modified mosquitoes developed by Bill Gates could be at the heart of the current Zika outbreak ravaging Brazil, it has emerged.

The carrier of the Zika virus, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, was genetically modified by the British company Oxitec, which has received  funding from Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a high profile supporter of genetically modified mosquitoes. He is also a member of the Good Club together with George Soros who met in New York in 2009 to discuss ways of curbing world overpopulation and disease, according to the media.

This blog has documented the financial links between members of the Good Club, George Soros, Bill Gates and Eli Broad to scientists and organizations at the heart of an apparently orchestrated Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Oxitec has been releasing the genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes into the wild in Brazil since 2011, ostensibly to battle dengue fever.

In the meantime, it produces up two million genetically modified mosquitoes a week in its factory in Campinas, Brazil.

Now, scientists in Brazil are studying genetic sequences of mosquitoes transmitting the Zika virus and other diseases to see whether changes have occurred that could have generated mutant mosquitoes.

The larvae of genetically modified mosquitoes are supposed to die at the late larvae or early pupae stage unless they are  exposed to the antibiotic tetracycline when they have increased survivorship.

Scientists at the Insitut Pasteur in Paris discovered that genetically modified mosquitoes fed on cat food consisting of factory reared chickens fed large amounts of the antibiotic tetracycline had an increased survival rate.

The problem is that tetracyline is widely used. In fact,a study determined that “tetracycline antibiotics are omnipresent compounds found in different ecological compartments.”

“After medication, more than 70 % of tetracycline antibiotics are excreted and released in active form into the environment via urine and feces from humans and animals. Their highly hydrophilic character and low volatility have resulted in significant persistence in the aquatic environment.” [accessed Dec 23, 2015].

And it is highly likely these genetically modified mosquitoes which are surviving due to tetracycline in the environment which are forming new disease carrying genetic strains.

Brazil is suffering an unprecedented explosion of the Zika virus.

The number of suspected Zika-related microcephaly cases surged to 2,782 as of last Satudary, a surge of nearly 16% from the previous week. The number of confirmed deaths shot up to 40 from 29 over the same week.

Brazilian authorities have declared a national emergency over the mosquito borne Zika virus, which has led to thousands of cases of infant brain damage and 40 related deaths this year.

Spreading rapidly to other parts of the world, the  mosquito now threatens the southern U.S., Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa.

Cape Verde reported its first Zika infection on Monday.

Millions of the genetically modified mosquitoes Aedes aegypti could soon be released in Florida.

With summer starting in the southern hemisphere, a  surge in Zika and other diseases carried by mutant genetically modified mosquitoes developed with the funds of Bill Gates is on the cards.

Genewatch explains the mosquitoes are modified to carry a dominant lethal genetic system by Oxitec, a spin-out company from Oxford University and of  Isis Innovation (Oxford University’s technology transfer arm.

“Oxitec’s patented technique for genetically modifying insects is known as RIDL (Release of Insects carrying a Dominant Lethal genetic system). These GM insects are intended to be used as a form of biological control to reduce natural populations of the target
insect when released into the wild.
Oxitec has developed a number of products incorporating its RIDL technology. These include genetically-modified strains of the Yellow Fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus): both of these species can transmit dengue fever. Oxitec also has novel strains of agricultural pest insects. A geneticallymodified
pink bollworm strain containing a heritable fluorescent marker and sterilised by exposure to radiation has been tested by the USDA in open field trials. However, pink bollworm containing the RIDL genetic trait has not yet been released in open trials.
Genetically-modified Mediterranean fruit fly, Mexican fruit fly and olive fly have also been developed but have not yet been released.
The focus of this briefing is on Oxitec’s lead strain of Aedes aegypti, OX513A, which has been released in open field trials in the Cayman Islands and is planned for release in field trials in Malaysia shortly.
The OX513A strain of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is genetically engineered to contain a
red fluorescent marker and the RIDL ‘conditional lethality’ trait.5
 Conditional lethality
means that the mosquitoes have been engineered to be able to survive to adulthood
only in the presence of tetracycline (an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections such
as urinary tract infections, chlamydia and acne). GM mosquitoes are bred to adulthood
GeneWatch UK Briefing
December 2010
in the lab in the presence of the antibiotic and males are then released into the


December 23, 2015

Last week, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sent me a letter in relation to my concerns that journalists like myself, who perform a public watchdog function on the internet, lack protection. His letter can be read here.

2015-12-18 Buergermeister_Ares2037793

In my reply today, I thanked President Juncker for taking an interest in my case and for taking practical steps to strengthen press freedom in Europe.

EC letter

The text of my reply can be read in a more legible form below.
Dear European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker,

Thank you for your reply to the concerns I raised about the lack of protection for journalists performing a public watchdog function on the internet.

Studies show that a genuinely free and independent media has a significant role to play in fighting corruption. A free and vibrant media able to perform its watchdog function is the basis of a thriving economy and a law abiding society.

In relation to my specific work, I can testify that pharmaceutical companies are able to conceal from the public the risks associated with their pandemic and epidemic vaccines largely by manipulating the press and media.

A “captured” media means that the lobbying of regulatory agencies and governments goes unreported, lies and corruption go unregistered, fraudulent scientific studies go unchecked, and the violation of laws goes unnoticed.

The injury to the public health and purse caused by a captured media extends well beyond the pharmaceutical branch to the financial, climate change and GMO sector, something underlined by a recent report.

Vital as a free media is my case demonstrates that much work still needs to be done to establish a framework to allow an independent media to operate in Europe, particularly in the field of science.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my blog was the only blog to give accurate and in depth information on the swine flu pandemic and vaccines in 2009, and it was the only blog to give accurate and in depth information on the Ebola epidemic and vaccines in 2014 and 2015.

A gap in information identified in 2009 has not been filled six years later.

This, in spite of the global scale of WHO’s pandemic and epidemic vaccination campaigns. WHO’s global regulatory regime has gigantic implications for public health, public funds as well as security also in Europe. The frequency with which these global emergencies are being declared by WHO, apparently on the basis of slick PR campaigns, shows no sign of changing.

In this context, the support of European Commission for press freedom and for my specific case is very much to be welcomed.

I will, indeed, contact the Ombudsman in Austria and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, which the European Commission funds, as you suggest, and ask if they are able to help me with the practical issues related to my specific case in Greece.

Thank you again for your interest in the issue of press freedom and for the steps you have taken to set up a programme to help journalists facing threats in a practical way.

I am sure the public will honour your efforts because the public are the beneficiaries of accurate information flowing from a free press.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Buergermeister


December 19, 2015

Yesterday, I received a reply to my Open Letter in May to President Jean Claude Juncker, sent  by Ms Marlene Holzner, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger, on behalf of President Juncker.

It is good to see the European Commission starting to take seriously the issue of the threats that journalists facing a public watchdog function on the internet.

It will be interesting to what practical help there is.



EC President.png


Update on my case: File back in Larisa, can be viewed by me from January 10th. Unless Tsipras calls yet another election

December 18, 2015

I have been working on my submission to the state prosecutor here in Larisa for the past few days. And driving my Greek translator crazy by my frequent changes. But the effort is paying off, I think. The key evidence that Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Billionaire George Soros both have direct knowledge of my blog, and even copy from my blog (spelling mistakes and all!), now appears in a clearer order and is laid out in a better visual way. It’s the best I can do, anyway, given my lack of skills with the Paint programme. What do you think?


The evidence that Tsipras and Soros read my blog and copy from my blog reinforces the notion that they believe my blog is credible, factual and accurate. By extension, it is reasonable to say they believe my accusations against them are credible, factual and accurate. And that they believe others also find these credible.  At any rate, with such illustrious readers as Soros and Tsipras, I can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

As for the progress of my case, the police in Ajia questioned two key witnesses at the beginning of November. The file is now back in Larisa. Due to the Christmas break I will not be able to view it until the New Year, indeed from 10th January onwards. Painful experience in Austria has taught me this is the stage where key evidence disappears from the file or the file disappears altogether. This time, I am going to watch over the file like a hawk. It’s time for some justice!

It seems, the state prosecutor should take about a month to determine whether the case goes to trial. If, given the overwhelming evidence of a crime, he or she does not decide to let it go to trial, I will take legal action because it will be a clear case of corruption.

The whole process may, however, be delayed if  Tsipras calls yet another election in the New Year as he and banksters like Soros bring Greece ever closer to total financial and social collapse. After all,  strong evidence that Tsipras is one of  my readers implicates him directly in the attempt to silence me in April 2015, and gives him a motive to suppress the case by various means.

Anyway, this is the latest, and hopefully, the final draft of my submission on the involvement of Tsipras and Soros. Information concerning individuals who have been stalked and harassed by Theodekti Vallianatou is omitted for the sake of privacy. It is staggering that the Bishop of Volos and Archbishop of Athens have held their protective hand over Theodekti Vallianatou. But then again, the Archbishop of Athens has had numerous meeting with Tsipras and seems to have good relations with him. Tsipras abandoned plans for more church taxes.

Most of the rest of the information in this report is already in the public domain.



“You don’t write on your blog what everyone else does. I’ve called the police. They are coming to confine you.”

These were the words of Theodekti Vallianatou after I escaped from an attempt to lock me in an office. It happened just as I was about to leave a monastery in Anatoli, Greece, in April 2015. I thought my end had come.

Meanwhile, new facts in my case, which emerged in September and in October, establish that both Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Billionaire George Soros have direct and personal knowledge of my blog, birdflu666. That underlines that even if I do not write what anyone else does as Theodekti Vallianatou, my blog is, nevertheless, factual, accurate and credible. Powerful people like Soros and Tsipras do not waste time on reading the blogs of minor “conspiracy theorists.”

In this report, I will demonstrate Soros and Tsipras had

* knowledge of my blog as proved (Section A.I ) by the reproduction by Alexis Tsipras in his Greek language tweets of a rare spelling mistake I make in my blog post reporting on Tsipras’ meeting with Austrian Chancellor Werner Fay(n)mann and as proved (Section A.II) by a linguistic analysis of a text written by George Soros.

* a motive for silencing me for disclosing information about their wrongful activities in relation to finance, epidemics and vaccines which pose a significant danger to the public health (Section B).

Proof that Soros and Tsipras not only read my blog, but copy my blog, even a spelling mistake, underlines that they consider the information on my blog to be credible. By extension, they also consider my accusations against them both as credible. Threatened by the exposure of their wrongdoing on my blog, I allege they looked for ways to silence me.

* a means to do it in the form of networks in Greece, which could improperly influence Theodekti Vallianatou, particularly her brother Grigories Vallianatos, by offering financial or other benefits (Section C).

Vallianatos is a graduate of the London School of Economics as is George Soros and Soros’ close associate former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. Vallianatos is also a long timer former advisor of Papandreou.

* an opportunity in the form of the isolated location of the monastery under the control of Theodekti Vallianatou, the sister of Grigoris Valliantos, as the Abbess of St John the Forerunner monastery, Anatoli, in Greece (Section D).

Ordering native English speaker and Oxford graduate Theoktisti to leave the office (Theoktisti would have testified that my blog met the criteria of investigative journalism), Theodekti tried to use a special law that allows a person to be forcibly confined for one month on the basis of the testimony of only two people. Her plan was to lock me into the office and have me escorted by police and pyschiatric nurses straight from there to a waiting ambulance. I would have been taken to a pyschiatric unit within a collapsing country, whose medical institutions are rife with corruption, an easy picking for any international medical mafia flush with cash to offer bribes, kickbacks and other inducements to staff entrusted with treatign me.

Only after one month of forced medication does Greek law requires that the victim is presented to a judge to assess their state. My lawyer is of the view I would never have come out alive. Indeed, it is likely that forced medication would have made me so incoherent that any judge would have ordered me to continued to be detained. Even if I had been discharged, something which likely would have happened only after forced medication, I would have been left on the streets of Greece with no money, no ID, no phone and no language. Either way my fate would have been sealed.

Theodekti Vallianatou could reasonably have expected that her actions would have set in motion a chain of events that would have resulted in my death. That is why her actions can be called a murder attempt. Her use of physical violence as she attempted to lock me into her office and on other occasions that day and the next underlines the malevolence of her motivation.

I was a victim of the trend of using pyschiatry to silence whistleblowers. Four tax inspectors in Hessen, Germany, have been awarded compensation after they were classified as paranoid and suspended from their jobs and an investigation into a CDU party donation scandal.

A government official who warned about the deficiences in the G36 gun had to take legal action to avoid being sent to a pyschiatrist and declared “mad” by his employer, the German army.

And in April, 2015, just as the snow was beginning to thaw on top of the mountain where the monastery, it was my turn. Yet again.

I was an investigative journalist performing a public watchdog function and about to disappear under the pretext of being mentally ill. There would have been no immediate dead body to have to explain away. Yes, there is even a possibility that the readers of this blog would not have noticed I was no longer writing it. My blog has been hacked before. It could have been continued by an unseen hand, albeit without the punch or even coherence of my usual posts to discredit me in a new, more subtle way. That is a possibility.

“You don’t speak Greek. No one will believe you. Everyone will believe me. The sisters will say whatever I want them to,” Theodekti had said, confident that her plan would work.

“Your blog posts show you are mentally ill,” she continued, mocking me.

Fast forward eight months later and I can present two new separate pieces of evidence proving that both Tsipras and Soros read my blog. These separate proofs emerged within ten days of each other, implying that Tsipras and Soros have a close working relationship when it comes to me.

According to the Wirtschafts Woche, Soros sponsored Alexis Tsipras as early as 2012. I have reported on the links between Soros and Tsipras on my blog as early as January and February 2015.I have accused Tsipras of being a puppet of the banks injuring the Greek people.

The new proof that both Tsipras and Soros have knowledge of my blog also corroborates claims I made in my police report in July that they were the ones who had the motive, networks and opportunity to silence me. I allege, it makes them, in fact, the prime suspects as the ultimate orchestrators in a premedidated, carefully planned attempt to murder me in April, 2015 by Theodekti Vallianatou.

I allege Soros and Tsipras are at the top of the chain of command and Theodekti Vallianatou at the bottom. The brother of Theodekti, Grigoris Vallianatos is a journalist, and a mayoral candidate for Athens, Grigoris Vallianatos is interested in obtaining high political office and is dependent on donations.!5048278/

In addition, Grigories Vallianatos, Soros and Papandreou as well as Maurice Saatchi are all graduates of the London School of Economics, creating a particularly close network.

On my blog, I have presented evidence that Soros is at the centre of a shadowy network of Billionaire’s with mulitple links to key scientists and organizations and media at the centre of the engineered Ebola outbreak. The Billionaires call themselves the Good Club and met in New York in 2009. They discussed ways of curbing overpopulation according to the Sunday Times, including infectious diseases.

Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are other members. I note that David Rockefeller has close links to David Petraeus, the head of KKR, a company which benefits from the policies of Tsipras. A sub company of KKR is Singular Logic, which is in control of every aspect of Greece’s elections, and apparently with independent few controls.

Presenting their activities as philanthropy, my blog has presented evidence that they were, in fact, violating laws, funding shady scientists and a complex network of media, NGOs and organizations hiding vital information from the publc. Indeed, their enterprise are dangerous to the public and their success depends entirely on their ability to keep their activities out of the public eye.

As a journalist and a blogger, who had credibility because of my accurate reporting of the swine flu scandal of 2009, I allege I represented an obstacle to their plans for mass epidemic vaccination campaigns with risky vaccines.

I have also explained how the creation of money in the hands of private banks and the resultant interest is crushing countries like Greece. As a science journalist who has some knowledge of economics (my father had a doctorate in economics) I was able to connect the global plans for mass vaccination with the financial crisis. Martial law to control a financial collapse due to debt can be declared under the pretext of having to stop an epidemic.

Knowing the legal avenue of defamation was closed to them because my reports were factual, I allege they chose an illegal avenue.

Threatened by my exposure of their wrong doing on a truly vast scale, I suggest they have considering ways and means to silence me for a long while.

I allege that their desire to silence me took on a new urgency after an Open Letter I wrote to the Chair of the health committee of the UK Parliament in February 2015 warning about Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill seemed to produce a result. I also called for an investigation into the activities of Soros and Bill Gates in relation to the Ebola epidemic.

At the end of my Open Letter in February, I wrote that I lived in fear of my life because of my investigative journalism activities, which exposed the crimes of a powerful elite. Within two months carefully premeditated attempt was to deprive me of my civil liberties without due process and silence me was made.

The evidence I present in this report suggests a plausible chain of events is that Lord Maurice Saatchi contacted fellow LSE graduate George Soros about my role in blocking his legislation. Soros, in turn contacted his friend in Greece, Papandreou, also an LSE graduate. Papandreou, in turn, contacted his friend and long time advisor Grigoris Vallianatos, also an LSE graduate. He rang Theodekti Vallianatou in the monastery, and told her to come to Athens immediately to flesh out the details of a plan they already had to remove me.

At ay rate, the fact is Theodekti Vallianatou made what she called a “spontaneous” visit to Athens immediately Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill was unexpectedly blocked by the Liberal Democrats in February. There she stayed for six weeks giving her plenty of time to plan my removal in secrecy together with her brother, a lawyer. Although she is an Abbess and although Easter is a special time, and although the second in command, Theoktisti was away much of the time giving a pre scheduled talk in the USA, Theodekti did not return to the monastery until just before Easter Sunday. Shortly afterwards, Theodekti seized her first and also, as she thought, her last opportunity. She put into effect a coldly, premeditated plan to deprive me of my civil liberties without due process and silence me.

She was thwarted when the local police realized the law was being abused and refused to come, something Theodekti Vallianatou had not reckoned with.

Since then, Theodekti Vallianatou has made every effort to cover up her crime. She actively seeks out information about where I am in Larissa and seizes opportunities to harrass, intimidate and threaten people around me. I note that the Bishop of Volos has held his protective hand over her and empowered her to engage in stalking and harassment against me and another person in Germany involved in a civil defamation case with Theodekti.


i. Evidence


1) A screenshot of tweet by Alexis Tsipras with the incorrect spelling Faynmann from October 6th 2015.

2) A screenshot of tweet Alexis Tsipras sent with the correct spelling of Faymann on 9th February 2015.

3) A screenshot of Google search page of the date of my report with the incorrect spelling Faynmann from 9th February 2015.

4) A screenshot of my report on the meeting between Tsipras and Faymann in Vienna on 9th February, 2015.

5) A screenshot of my cartoon on the meeting between Tsipras and Faymann in Lesbos in October 2015.

6) A screenshot of Google search page of Werner Faynmann showing only 620 results for the incorrect spelling Faynmann in in an English and or German language language Google.

7) A screenshot of Google search page of Werner Faymann showing 482,000 results for the correct spelling Faymann in an English and or German language Google.

8) A screenshot of Greek language Google search page of Werner Faynmann showing 11,800 results for the incorrect spelling Faynmann in Greek letters.

9) A screenshot of Greek language Google search page of Werner Faymann showing 89,000 results for the correct spelling Faymann in Greek letters.

10) A screenshot of Alexis Tsipras’ Greek language twitter account.

11) A screenshot of the Google search date of publication 10th February 2015 of my report on the funding of Tsipras by Soros.

12) A screenshot of the beginning of my report on the funding of Tsipras by Soros.

13) A screenshot of my report on the choice of the bank Lazard by Tsipras and of the Google search date of publication 29th January 2015.

14) A screenshot of the beginning of above report.

15) A report on the links between Tsipras, Yannis Vaourfakis and Soros I published on 30th January 2015.

ii. Discussion

The proof that Alexis Tsipras has knowledge of my blog comes in the form of tweets that Tsipras sent on 6th October, 2015, reproducing in the Greek language exactly the same spelling mistake of the surname of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann that I also made on my blog posts in the English language reporting on 9th February 2015 on their meeting in Vienna. [1]

Tsipras writes Faynmann in Greek letters. That is, he adds an extra “n” in Greek language tweets he sent during his visit with Faymann to the island of Lesbos. [1]

In a cartoon, I drew attention to the meeting between Tsipras and Faymann on Lesbos. The cartoon illustrates Tsipras and Faymann discussing an orchestrated cholera or Ebola outbreak in Greece. [5]

The Tsipras character jokes that any such plans will be published all over my blog, and notes that even Soros reads it as a textual analysis in the next part of the report will demonstrate.

Tsipras started to add the extra “n” in his tweets in Greek after his personal meeting with Faymann in Vienna on 9th February 2015.

In his first tweet in the Greek language on arriving in Vienna, and apparently before his personal meeting of Faymann, Tsipras spelled Faymann’s name correctly, that is, he did not add an “n” in his tweet. [2]

The fact that Tsipras spelled Faymann in Greek letters correctly in his first tweet raises the question of how he came to introduce a spelling mistake and exactly the same one I make.


ince Tsipras first spelled Faymann correctly, it means that any Google searches he may have made would have used the correct spelling Faymann in Roman or Greek letters. Where exactly did Tsipras get the idea that the correct spelling was, in fact, Faynmann? I believe the most plausible explanation is that Tsipras read my post about the meeting between him and Faymann in February, saw my incorrect spelling in Roman letters and reproduced it exactly using Greek letters.

I misspelled Faymann by adding an extra “n”, in my report about the meeting between Tsipras and Faymann in Vienna on 9th February, 2015. [3] [4]

I corrected the spelling mistake on my blog. For the purposes of this case I put back the original spelling mistake, which can also be seen on the Google search page showing the date of my report.

My misspelling is very rate. There are only 620 cases of Faymann mispelled as Faynmann on non Greek language Google search engines as of 15th December 2015. [6]

This compares to 482,000 correct spellings of Faymann. [7]

In Greek letters, the incorrect spelling Faynmann appears in 11, 800 Google searches. [8]

Werner Faymann is spelled correctly in 89,000 Google searches in Greek letters. [9]

Tsipras has 325 000 followers on Twitter as of today, about two months after his visit to Lesbos. [10]

The most likely explanation for the unusually large number of cases of the misspelling of Faynmann in the Greek speaking world is, therefore, that Greek speakers reproduced Tsipras’ spelling mistake after reading it on his twitter account.

Searching in the Greek language Google with “Werner Faynmann” in quotation marks in Roman letters produces results similar to 620 in the German and English language. But a search in Greek language Google with Werner Faynmann without quotation marks and in Roman letters produced about 480,000 results. It is not clear why so many cases of Faynmann appear in the Greek language Google when there are so few cases in the non Greek language Google. It is not clear what factor has skewered the result. However, the fact is established tha Tsipras spelled Faymann correctly in his first ever tweet in February 2015 in Greek letters. It can, therefore, be ruled out that he picked up the spelling by doing a Google search with Faynmann in Roman letters.

The date when Tsipras picked up the spelling mistake establishes the basis for believing that Tsipras may have became familiar with my blog in February 2015 through Faymann, althougth it is also possible he became familiar with it through George Soros himself given the evidence that Soros reads my blog.

More plausible I believe, is that Tsipras read my blog post on his meeting between him and Faymann on 9th February 2015, saw my wrong spelling of Faynmann and reproduced it. The date of the first correct spelling forms the basis of believing that Faymann himself showed Tsipras my blog. In the light of subsequent events, I believe Faymann suggested to Tsipras the need to remove me as well as the use of the method.

I note the same method as Theodekti Vallianatou used was used by Austrian government officials, including Professor Lukas Kenner, a member of the government bioethics committee. Kenner twice twice attempted to deprive me of my civil liberty without due process when I was performing a public watchdog function on the internet as a journalist. He offered inducements to a pyschiatrist Dr Verena Strausz to confine me illegally. She twice refused, recognizing it was illegal.

I reported alleged links between Tsipras and Soros in my blog posts on 29th January 2014. [11]

I argued that Tsipras and Yannis Varoufakis were working for the banks and were injuring the interests of the Greek people. I said they performed a function of a puppet or controlled opposition in my blog posts in January and February 2015. [12] [13] [14] [15]

According to the Wirtschafts Woche, Soros sponsored Alexis Tsipras as early as 2012.

With respect to these searches, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Google uses server location as one of the factors determining the location and targeting of the site. Google also uses Page Rank algorithms to rank sites based on each site’s so called truth factor score. After I published evidence on my blog that Tsipras reads my blog, the search results I obtained for Werner Faynmann were significantly different depending on whether I used a wifi connection in a familiar location (hacked?) or an Wifi connection in an unfamiliar one. Using familiar and possibly hacked wifi connections, the results for the wrong spelling Faynmann were suddenly much higher at about 1,700 compared to 620 in may be be a bid to skew the evidence by filtering results.




i. Evidence


16) A screenshot of Google search page of the date of my report from 25th September th 2015.

17) A screenshot of my report from 25th September 2015.

18) A screenshot of the article George Soros from 26h September 2015, one day after my post.

19) A copy of a textual analysis

ii. Discussion

The proof that George Soros knows my blog comes in the form of a textual analysis comparing an article I posted about EU policies for the migrant crisis on my birdflu666 blog on 25th September 2015. [16]

In this post I even referred to George Soros and accused him of engineering the migrant for his financial and other benefits.

Soros also made policy recommendations for the EU on the migrant crisis, albeit very different ones from mine, in an article which he published one day later on 26th of September 2015 in Project Syndicate and which was reprinted in other media outlets in the following days. [18]

Highlighting with red boxes all the words which appeared in my post on September 25th and which Geroge Soros used in his article published on the same topic the very next day makes the extent of his “copying” or “mirroring” clear. [17] [18]

Both articles focus on the need for the EU to develop a new policy to deal with sudden inflow of migrants from the Middle East, fleeing the devastation of wars.

The themes found in both articles were migrants, Middle East, Europe and EU, the need for a new EU policy. The key words in both articles are guided by the similar theme.

Phrases Soros uses that are exactly the same as phrases I used are “migrants who do not qualify for asylum”, “processing centers” (US spelling), “Italy and Greece”, “another political crisis”, “The EU needs”.

One expression was an almost matching verbatim text of five words, namely the phrase “in a safe, orderly way”, which mirrors my phrase “in a safe and orderly manner” even occured in the same context of the management of the flow migrants. The sixth word in the phrase in the Soros text is “way”, and it is a synonym of the sixth word in my text, which is “manner”.

Words that Soros uses that appear in my report include “George Soros”, (I refer to him in my text while he signs his name as the author!) “EU”, “Europe”, “migrants”, “refugees”, “asylum seekers”, “crisis”, “plan”, “political”, “financial” “security” ,”borders”, “dangerous”, “suffering”, “million”, “new” ,”plan”, “countries” ,”Turkey”, “region” and “costs”.

Asylum seekers is also spellt in two different ways by of Soros without a hyphen as in my report “asylum seekers” and with a hyphen “asylum-seekers” indicating an external influence.

My report is only 663 words long, including a reference to George Soros’ role in the engineered migrant crisis, about 30% shorter than his text published in Project Syndicate. Many of the words in both articles are the common words which are necessary for grammar such as “a”, “the”, “and”, “of”, “they”, “has”, “is” and so on. That means there are not that many nouns, adjectives or verbs in my report, yet most of them are used by George Soros in his report the next day.

Furthermore, where I use the term “Middle East” to designate a region, Soros refers to specific countries such Turkey, Lebanon, Syria. So, he is referencing the same concept, but using different vocabulary.

Likewise, where I argue the “EU needs”, Soros uses also related terms “EU should” and the “EU must”.

Significant is that the words that occur prominently in the two texts are not commonly used.

I searched for their frequency using databases such as Wikitionary. “European” for example is ranked only 2191 in the frequency rank.

So, both articles are packed with the same words, which are, however, very uncommon in the English language as a whole.

Apart from striking similarities in content and vocabulary, another correlation with my article is the time frame. Soros’ article appeared one day after mine on September 25th titled “The EU needs a radical approach to migrant crisis, camps in Saudi Arabia?”

Significant too is that Soros is not a prolific columnist. His article copying my own is only the third penned by him this year for Project Syndicate. The two other articles by him, published on January 12th and March 30th, focussed exclusively on the theme of the Ukraine. Also, the last article was written six months earlier.

I also used Text Analyzer to search for words that appeared in the articles of myself and Soros and their frequencies. I also used other databases to determine the frequency of those terms in the language of a whole. The results of this analysis and other aspects of my analysis above strongly suggest a correlation which can only be explained by copying. [19]

The two texts are well suited to such a comparative analysis. They are comparable in length and language (US English versus British English).

Some basic statistics about the two text. Soros article is 967 words or 46 sentences. That is about 30% longer than my text at 663 words or 30 sentences (minus the links).

The average words per sentence in both texts is more or less the same at 22 in my text and 21 in the Soros text.

The fact that Soros wrote his article just one the day after mine shows that Soros reads my blog frequently. The shortness of time that elapsed between my blog post and his article suggests he also feels compelled to counter my proposals with his own proposals and to do so immediately.

This indicates that Soros recognizes my blog is read by powerful people and even influences policy decisions. Soros’ active attempt to counter act my policy suggestions increases the weight and persuasiveness of the argument that Soros was eager to silence me once and for all in the monastery in April. Having failed to do so, I allege Soros did the next best thing, and attempted to counter act the influence of my articles by writing articles using counter arguments in the quickest possible time.

Soros argued in his report on September 26th for an open borders policy in the EU. Alexis Tsipras has also followed an open borders policy in Greece as Soros wanted. Werner Faymann and Angela Merkel have also followed the open borders policy recommendation of Soros. They are violating EU laws. Critics say their decision to open the borders to illegal migrants has increased the threat of terrorism. It has also generated extra costs for Germany. It may have to borrow money as Soros suggested in his report on September 26th.

It is unlikely that Soros obtained knowledge of my blog only in September. It is much more likely that he had prior knowledge of my blog. His foundation denied any involvement with a bioweapons lab in West Africa in the Tampa Bay Times on 13th, August, 2014, allegations which originated on my blog. It is, therefore, plausible that Soros had knowledge of my blog in August 2014 if not earlier. [20]

The fact is, therefore, established from this textual analysis that Soros knows my blog, reads it regularly, and has done so for a long time. Also, he takes it seriously enough to copy extensively from it, albeit suggesting another policy option which benefits his hedge fund.

All this shows that he gives my blog credibility. By extension, he gives credibility to my claims in my post that Soros and his NGO are involved in engineering the current migrant crisis.

In this connection, it is of note tha Soros and his NGOs have been accused by others including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of playing a role in engineering the migrant flows that have entered Europe in the past few months. Russia announced on November 30th a ban of Soros and his organizations because they were a security threat.

I note that these two separate pieces of evidence proving that both Tsipras and Soros read my blog reinforce the notion that each of them separately reads my blog.


An analysis of the tweets and article establish the basis for claiming that both Tsipras and Soros have direct knowledge of my blog.

There are, therefore, two separate pieces of evidence that both Soros and Tsipras have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, increasing the weight of evidence that both read my blog. These two separate proofs emerged within ten days of each other, strongly suggesting the notion that Soros and Tsipras synchronize their activities and work together in cooperation.

Any close working relationship, in turn, makes it likely they acted together to orchestrate an attempt to silence me through their networks. Soros was frequently in Athens last year. He held secretive meetings with politicians and businessmen, according to the media. [22]

There were, therefore, opportunities for Tsipras and Soros to meet personally and in secret. But did they have the motivation, means or opoortunity to seek to silence me?

Motivation is central for explaining and crime. Soros and Tsipras had the greatest morivation as well as the greatest means. The attempt to silence me happened as I was lawfully disclosing information on my blog and through emails about their wrongdoing in relation to their financial crimes against the Greek and other people.

Tsipras’ policies benefit banks and hedge funds. For example, the reprivatisation of the four banks of Greece, their recapitalization and the sale of loans have been done in such a way to allow banks, hedge funds and investors such George Soros to make a profit.

Iceland has jailed the former Prime Minister and 26 bankers for their role in the financial crisis. But no one has jailed George Papandreou, Antonis Samaras or Tsipras or Greek bankers for their role in the financial crisis or in implementing austerity policies.

I give information about our private system of money creation on my blog. I explain the banks have no money to lend in the first place. This argument was used by a lawyer Jerome Daly in the USA in 1968 to stop the repossession of his house. It is still valid today and is being used along with other arguments today in courts in Ireland to stop the repossession of houses.

In addition, I reported on alleged links between Tsipras and Soros in my blog post on 29th January 2015. I said in February 2015 and after that Tsipras worked for banks and hedge funds (ie Soros) and was only pretending to fight for the interests of the Greek people, performing a function of a puppet or controlled opposition. The government of Ecuador has recently published a study called “The CIA Against Latin America, the Special Case of Ecuador,” on the methods the CIA used to control the opposition to their agenda. The concept of controlled opposition is, therefore, increasingly understood.

Last but not least, I spent many months in 2014 and 2015 giving information about the orchestrated Ebola outbreak and plans for a global mass vaccination campaign with an experimental vaccine.

I drew attention to the role of Soros, Gates, Rockefeller and others Billionaires in what appears to be an orchestrated Ebola outbreak in West Africa, triggering an unnecessary public health emergency declaration by WHO.

George Soros, Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are members of a tiny group of Billionaires calling themselves the Good Club, who met in New York in 2009 to curb the global population, according to the Sunday Times.

These three individuals have mutliple financial links to organizations, scientists, officials and a lab at the centre of an Ebola epidemic in West Africa from Spring 2014 onwards.

That Soros is concerned about the speed with which information, which first appeared on my blog, has spread on the internet is clear. His Open Society Foundation tried to dismiss my reports as conspiracy theories in The Tampa Bay Times, one of America’s biggest selling newspapers.

“A spokeswoman for Soros’ Open Society Foundations also said it does not fund any labs, much less a bioweapons lab, in West Africa,” says the Tampa Bay.

Soros did not file defamation charges against me in spite of the fact these are serious allegations. He could not refute the fact that his foundation does have financial links to key personel, at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in Kenema. These links are significant because there were just a handful of scientists in the Kenema lab, most of them come from the US and have ties to the military. Bioweapons have been called the poor mans’ nuclear weapons for the very reason that they do just require a handful of people and a small amount of equipment. One of the biggest budget items is the cost for the scientists needed to be trained and to be employed.

Leading US bioweapons expert and academic Dr Francis Boyle has also said that he believes Ebola came from a biowarfare laboratory in Kenema, illustrating that reasonable people can reach the same conclusion.

I note there has been media hype about the ancient plague of Athens being Ebola.

I also note that Soros has opened centres in Greece which gives health care to impoverished Greeks. In this connection, it is important to note the allegations that Soros has links to a lab in Sierra Leone which was at the epicentre of an orchestrated Ebola outbreak.

Now, if a prominent figure is concerned by reports on the internet about them, but cannot file defamation charges over them (because of they are based on accurate reporting and are protected by the right to freedom of the press and speech), might that person not resort to more illegal methods to silence a critic? Might that person resort to a murder attempt? If he could do it directly himself, might he not as a powerful man seek to influence others in his network to do it for him offering financial and other benefits?

Faymann also has a motive to eliminate me as I had the intention of pursuing the Lukas Kenner case in Vienna.

Another case that could be opened is the Baxter contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in 2009 in biosecurity level 3 facilities.

Finally, there are, in the meantime, thousands of claims for compensation for damage caused by the swine flu vaccine in 2009. I warned about this damage, showing that governments failed in their duty of care in giving the vaccine, something with legal implications for compensation claims.



I have demonstrated that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have motivation to get rid of me.

But do they have the ability to commit the crime? I allege they do have the means. They can use their networks to improperly influence others. They have the power and money to offer jobs, kickbacks, bribes, lavish entertainment, funding for high political office, donations or other things of value to influence improperly Grigoris Vallianatos and Theodekti Vallianatou. and other individuals in their networks.

Soros has an extensive network of politicians and business people in Greece. He was reported to hold secretive meetings in Athens last year. On April 28th, about three weeks after I started by blog about Ebola, the frequent and secretive visits by Soros to Athens became the subject of a report in Newsbomb. [] It is reported Soros met George Papandreou, a close contact of Grigoris Vallianatos. []

Another strand of the Soros, Rockefeller, Gates network is that David Rockefeller has links to former CIA director David Petraeus, the head of KKR, the company that controls Singular Logic, responsibe for all election results in Greece and which announced the election of Tsipras. []

Petraeus was photographed leaving this years Bilderberg meeting in Austria with Henry Kissinger, who was involved in a plot by old Nazis and aristocrats to overthrow Germany’s Social Democrat government in 1969. []

Bill Gates has links to Yannis Varoufakis in as far as Varoufakis works for Valve Corporation, a spin off of Microsoft.

I allege that David Rockefeller is the link between Geoge Soros and Alexis Tsipras. David Rockefeller is a member of the Good Club along with George Soros and Bill Gates. He is also the chair of the Bilderberg steering committee. Faymann is a member of the Bilderberg group together with Angela Merkel.

Because Tsipras and Soros are public figures, they write more and tweet more than, for example, David Rockelller or Bill Gates. That is why, I was able to prove their knowledge using textual analysis. I allege it is highly likely that Bill Gates and David Rockefeller also have knowledge of my blog through George Soros and Papandreou, Varoufakis and others in Greece through Alexis Tsipras.

I have established in Section A the basis for claiming that Tsipras and Soros had direct and personal knowledge of my blog. But I allege others in their networks may also have knowledge of my blog because it is the nature of networks to disseminate information.

In short, not just Soros, but also Gates and Rockefeller are at the heart of extensive networks in Greece. These also reach via Tsipras, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also into the heart of the Orthodox Church.

I note the Archbishop of Athens met Tsipras on several occasions As Prime Minister, Tsipras is in a position to offer financial and other benefits to the Archbishop and the Orthodox Church and so able to influence the Archbishop and Bishop of Volos improperly and motivate them to help him silence me. I note that Tsipras did not implement a planned income tax on the clergy and that he has lifted capital controls for the church. It is legitimate to ask given the evidence that the Bishop of Volos and Archbishop of Athens are involved in a cover up whether Tsipras’s sudden change in policy to the church is linked to their willingness to hold their protective hand over Theodekti Vallianatou when she made a murder attempt against a journalist performing a public watchdog function on the internet.



I have demonstrated that Tsipras and Soros had knowledge of my blog, a motive for silencing my blog and a means to do it in as far as they were able to influence Theodekti Vallianatou. The isolation of the monastery on a mountain in Anatoli and the total control that Theodekti Vallianatou enjoys as Abbess gave her the opportunity.

I believe their efforts to silence me took on a new urgency after I apparently made a successful intervention to stop the Medical Innovation Bill of Lord Maurice Saatchi. I also called for an investigation into the Soros and Gates and their role in the orchestrated Ebola epidemic. []

I note that Maurice Saatchi like Soros, Vallianatos and Papandreou is a graduate of the London School of Economics. That makes it plausible that Saatchi contacted Soros and Soros activated in his network in Greece centered around Papandreou, and Papandreou, in turn, activated Grigoris Vallianatos to phone his sister.

I note that Theoekti Vallianatou left the monastery one day after my intervention in the form of an Open Letter and emails appeared to play a role in the last minute decision of the Liberal Democrats to blocking the Medical Innovation Bill of Maurice Saatchi. []

Theodekti made what she called a spontaneous visit to Athens which lasted about six weeks. The timing and unusual nature of her visit is consistent with the idea that she received a call from Grigoris Vallianatos telling her it was time to work out a detailed plan to remove me. The speed indicates the LSE networkof Saatchi, Soros, Papandreou and Valliantos was mobilized.

In Athens, Theodekti would have had the opportunity to meet her brother a lawyer, Grigoris Vallianatos, and other figures to work out a plan based on the ideas that Tsipras received from Faymann in his meeting in February and which were communicated to Vallianatos through Tsipras’s network.

A visit planned for Easter by a priest called Father Alexander from Athens, who seemed to have somehow been familiar with my blog, made it impossible for Theodekti to act until after he had left. She took the last opportunity available to her and acted as I was about to leave the monastery just a few days after Father Alexander left.

Sending away the Oxford graduate Theoktisti, who would have testified that my blog met the criteria of investigative journalism, Theodekti tried knowingly to mislead the police of Ajia and to misrepresent the nature of my blog to the other sisters. Exploiting a little known law in Greece that only two people are need to testify that a person is mentally ill for an emergency confinement, Theodekti set in motion events which she could reasonably have expected to result in my death either in a pyschiatric unit or on the streets of Greece if I had ever been released without money or ID or knowledge of the language.

Her plan appeared to be thwarted when the police of Ajia refused to come, something she did not seem to anticipate. She told me that the police would believe her word as Abbess, and that I as someone who was not Greek and did not speak Greek would not be believed.

I note the same method as Theodekti Vallianatou used was used by Austrian government officials, including Professor Lukas Kenner, a member of the government bioethics committee. Kenner twice twice attempted to deprive me of my civil liberty without due process when I was performing a public watchdog function on the internet as a journalist. He offered inducements to a pyschiatrist Dr Verena Strausz to confine me illegally. She twice refused, recognizing it was illegal. []

He twice attempted to deprive me of my civil liberty without due process when I was performing a public watchdog function on the internet as a journalist.

The use of pyschiatrization to silence people has become widespread in Austria and Germany. Four tax inspectors in Hessen, Germany, investigating tax evasion in the CDU were recently awarded compensation by a court after a pyschiatrist testified they were all mentally ill in order to stop their investigations. Sevently police officers in Hessen have allegedly been removed from their jobs by this method. Theodekti Vallianatou gave as her motivation my blog posts.

I have offered proof that both Soros and Tsipras read my blog, underlining that they are factual and accurate.

Her plan appeared to be thwarted when the police of Ajia refused to come, something she did not seem to anticipate. She told me that the police would believe her word as Abbess, and that I as someone who was not Greek and did not speak Greek would not be believed.

I allege Theodekti Vallianatou and her brother Grigoris Vallianatos hoped to obtain a financial or other benefit. I note the bank account of the monastery is the personal bank account of Theodekti Vallianatou at Piraeus bank, and she personally stood to benefit from any donation. []




I have established that both Soros and Tsipras had direct, personal knowledge of my blog.

I note that these two separate pieces of evidence proving that both Tsipras and Soros read my blog emerged within ten days of each other, strongly suggesting the notion that Soros and Tsipras share common links or work together. I referred in blog posts as early as January 2015 to the potential financial links between Soros and Tsipras.

I allege that Tsipras and Soros felt threatened by my reports on my blog and decided to silence me. I allege that Tsipras and Faymann discussed the method during their meeting in Vienna in February. I note a similar method was used to silence me as was used by Professor Lukas Kenner and other Austrian government officials with links to Werner Faymann in 2010 after I exposed the Baxter birdflu scandal and the swine flu scandal in 2009. The similarity of method reinforces the notion that Faymann and Tsipras discussed the method for silencing me together during their meeting in Vienna in February.

I allege that it was during this meeting with Faymann that Tsipras became acquainted with my blog. Either during the meeting or immediately afterwards, he read my blog and saw my rare misspelling of the name Fay(n)mann and reproduced that mispelling in Greek letters from then onwards. Again, I note Tsipras had spelled Faymann correctly in his first tweet from Vienna before his meeting with Faymann.

There is only one likely explanation why Tsipras had become convinced that Faymann was spelled Fay(n)mann and that is that he read it on my blog. Understanding that my blog gave credible and accurate information, he was inclined to believe my spelling was also accurate and made a conscious, deliberate effort to reproduce it, adding an exta “n” to his Greek spelling of Faynmann in his tweets in October.

The fact that Soros copied from a blog post I published on September 25th underlines that Soros also gives my blog credibility. The very next day he printed a report with the opposite policy recommendations from mine but using almost exactly the same pharases and words. The speed with which he wrote his report strongly suggests the notion he is very anxious to counter my proposals and annul my arguments. This would fit the motive of wishing to silence me by other means, which I allege drove him to activate his network, particularly his London School of Economics network of Saatchi, Papandreou and Vallianatos, to accomplish his goal.

Furthermore, I alleged in my police report in July that Soros was linked through a network to Grigoris Vallianatos, the brother of Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou. The new evidence that has emerged tha Soros has direct knowledge of my blog, therefore, corroborates that claim that Vallianatos was involved in the planning and organizing the attempt to murder me in April.

I believe the involvement of Alexis Tsipras points to the risk of Tsipras’ trying to use his political influence on the judicial system to suppress this case.

Because the crimes of this powerful elite are ongoing, their motivation to deprive me of justice and silence me and other investigative journalists remains the same.

I would also like to draw your attention to the evidence that the Austrian government under Faymann used its influence on the state prosecutor to manipulate files, withhold evidence and set up a parallel data bank to thwart justice in my case against government officials who attempted to effect my false imprisonment .

Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to the way Tsipras this summer chose Austria as his partner for a reform of the justice system in a project that started on September 15th. Plans were announced for Austrian justice official Dr. Günter Walchshofer to work with Greek officials in this reform.

I would like to draw your attention to the role that Faymann may have played in suggesting to Tsipras the method. The link between Faymann and myself is underlined by Tsipras’s reproduction of my spelling mistake of Fay(n)mann. Both Tsipras and Faymann are now implicated in attempts to silence me using the same method.

The Austrian government has falsified court records in my case against Lukas Kenner, and created a secret domestic case file system as part of a systematic attempt to obstruct justice.

The government blocked my access to the file at the state prosecutor’s office by denying me the domestic case file number from 2010 onwards.

I would like to draw your attention to emails from my lawyer in Vienna showing she made multiple written and phone queries on my case on and between April 30th and May 11th 2015, but failed to obtain any information.

In email dated May llth, my lawyer stated that the Austrian police, specifically Inspector Engelbert Horwath, was able to confirm on the phone that charges were filed against Professor Lukas Kenner and that he thought the case was at the court in 2010.

Yet only on June 8th, 2015, after I applied to the European Court of Human Rights, the State Prosecutors office suddenly produced a domestic file number for the case, St 360/12d.

The responsible state prosecutor Linda Redl told me on the phone she has had this case since March 1st, 2015, the day when she started her job. That means the domestic file number should have been accessible to my lawyer when she made multiple queries in April and May and that number should also have been accessible to me in the several years since Inspector Horwath lodged the case with the court. It was not, however, accessible to me. All information about the case has been systematically withheld from me for years because the case file was not placed in the regular database and could not be found with the unusual search terms such as my name as my lawyer s emails prove.

The fact that a domestic file number has now suddenly emerged strongly suggests the notion that the Austrian government has a top secret dump of legal cases accessible only to a select few who know the case number a systematic obstruction of justice. It appears that this case number has emerged after external pressure.

Again, I would like to stress that I had no knowledge of this case or its file number until my lawyer emailed me the fax on June 9th. I received no information at all that the case was closed in 2012. That meant, I was not able to file an appeal. My right to a fair trial and a due process was denied to me. With no knowledge of the case, I was not able to scrutinize the file and see what the basis for closing the case was. I was not able to see, for example, what investigations had been carried out or not been carried out, what the final police report was, what witnesses had been interviewed or not.

In addition, the fax states Kenner was not found guilty of violating paragraph 288 of Stgb, which is a paragraph concerning false statements. My charges against Kenner are, however, far more substantial than that. I allege that he twice attempted to deprive me of my civil liberty without due process when I was performing a public watchdog function on the internet as a journalist. The fact that the state prosecutor chose to make false statements the focus of his or her investigation prevented the lawful process of the administration of justice in as far as it meant the prosecutor must have wilfully ignored the evidence of the far more serious crime of trying to achieve my false imprisonment without due process under the pretext of mental illness when I was performing a public interest investigation.

Also, the implication of paragraph 288 is that the state prosecutors determined that Kenner did not make a false statement when he accused me of being mentally ill. However, the very fact that he chose to approach psychiatrist Dr Verena Strausz illegally to effect my confinement is proof that he knew he was making a false claim when he said I was mentally ill. If Kenner had really believed I was mentally ill, he would have used the legal avenues open to effect my confinement. I allege Kenner did not use the legal avenues for my confinment because he knew there was no probable case for considering me mentally ill. Knowing I was sane, knowing I was a journalist exposing a scandal, knowing my information was accurate and fact based, he had to resort to the illegal method of approaching a psychiatrist who did not know me and offering her inducements. When that failed, he approached my brother and offered him, directly or indirectly, the prospect of financial gain.

I witnessed how Vienna state prosecutors took key evidence out of files concerning my cases.

For example, I asked to see a file concerning a charge by the Austrian Ministry of Justice that I had committed defamation. I had said I was being persecuted by government officials because of my journalism. The charge was dropped because what I said was true. All the documents from the file were removed.

Although I informed them in several emails, and although they have a duty to investigate, the Bishop of Volos and the Archbishop of Athens have held their protective hand over Theodekti and empowered her to wage a campaign of stalking and criminal harassment against me as well as Kirsten F… in the past eight months.



I have been told by local people that Theodekti Vallianatou is known to change into civilian clothes in Athens where she leads a double life. This is credible to me because of an incident after I arrived at the monastery when Theodekti stole make up from my room. She denied it.

I note transferred money to the personal account of Polychronia Vallianatou, something an Abbess is not allowed to have according to church law. The Bishop of Volos has allowed Theodekti to use her personal bank account for the monastery. It seems he has also allowed her to keep property in Athens. I allege he has, therefore. signalled to the community that church rules do not matter. Theodekti can do as she wishes. The community is her personal property. I believe this has encouraged Theodekti in her criminal behaviour.

I note the Bishop gets a percentage of all the income of the monastery. He may get money directly through the bank account of the personal bank account of Theodekti.

I allege the Bishop’s motive is financial. I was told the Bishop receives 10% of the income of the monastery. I allege he does not want to repay me the10% of the about 100,000 euros or so I gave the monastery in cash, kind and electronic transfer or to pay compensation.

But he also has a personal link. Theodekti claims she went to school with him.