It’s been very warm in Larisa lately, but yesterday night Mount Olympus received its first cap of snow. It was amazing to see this mountain, which is about 50 miles away, tower over the city streets. Without a covering of snow, Mount Olympus does a vanishing act, blending in with the blue sky.

A few pictures of the legendary mountain with snow…



Seen here with a rose and butterfly!


Seen here, from the top of the ancient Acropolis.

It made me so happy to see Mount Olympus in Larisa yesterday as I went about my daily tasks, focussing on getting my latest report ready for the state prosecutor now that the police have questioned key witnesses.

It was a constant visual reminder that we are connected with something bigger, more beautiful, with history, legends, eternity.

“We are like a mountain, and the echo in us is from You,” as Rumi said.

Which reminds me, there is an interesting Greek and Irish poetry symposium coming up in Athens this week.–athens–december-4-5

We may  have to make a lot of effort nowadays in this troubled world to look for inspiration,  but it is worth it, such as this exchange…

Pastor Wintley Phipps shares with Oprah Winfrey how ceaseless prayer brings us closer to the divine.

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