In my update to the state prosecutor in Larisa, Greece, investigating the attempt to murder me by Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou in April, I argue that Alexis Tsipras and George Soros should now be considered as prime suspects. 

This is because proof has emerged in the past few weeks that both Tsipras and Soros have direct, personal knowledge of my blog.

They also have the motive, the means through  their ability to influence Theodekti Vallianatou through her brother Grigoris Vallianatos, who is, I was told, an LSE graduate like Soros, a former advisor of Prime Minister and Soros associate George Papandreou according to the German media, a mainstream journalist and an Athens mayoral candidate.

In short, I am officially accusing Tsipras and George Soros in an ongoing investigation of being among the individuals who sought to silence me as I was performing a public watchdog function on the internet.

I believe this is the first time ever Globalists and their puppets have been accused with solid evidence of being part of a pre meditated plot to murder a journalist as part of an official, ongoing investigation.

Read my arguments here:



New facts in my case, which emerged in September and in October, establish that Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Billionaire hedge funder George Soros both have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, birdflu666.

In this report, I will demonstrate that they had

*knowledge of my blog as proved by a linguistic analysis of a text written by George Soros and the reproduction by Alexis Tsipras of the same rare spelling mistake I make

*a motive for silencing me for disclosing information about their wrongful activities

*a means to do it in the form of networks in Greece, which could improperly influence Theodekti Vallianatou, particularly her brother Grigories Vallianatos, by offering financial or other benefits

*an opportunity in the form of the isolated location of the monastery under the control of Theodekti Vallianatou as the Abbess of St John the Forerunner monastery in Greece

I allege that Theodekti Vallianatou deliberately set in motion events which she could reasonably have expected to result in my death. Therefore, I will refer to her actions as a murder attempt.

I allege the new proof that both Tsipras and Soros have knowledge of my blog makes them the prime suspects in a premedidated, carefully planned attempt to murder me in April, 2015 on account of the information about a significant danger to the public health on that very same blog. Motivation is central for explaining and crime. Soros and Tsipras had the greatest morivation as well as the ability to influence their networks.

George Soros, Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are members of a tiny group of Billionaires calling themselves the Good Club, who met in New York in 2009 to curb the global population, according to the Sunday Times.

These three individuals have mutliple links to scientists, officials and a lab at the centre of an Ebola epidemic in West Africa and Ebola vaccine campaign from Spring 2014 onwards.

The attempt to silence me happened as I was lawfully disclosing information on my blog about their wrongdoing in relation to the Ebola crisis, but also other crisis such as the financial crisis. I allege this network felt threatened by my exposure of their crimes and acted to silence me after an Open Letter I wrote to the Chair of UK parliament health committee in February 2015 seemed to produce a result.

I believe George Soros and Alexis Tsipras are at the top of a chain of command and Theodekti Vallianatou and Grigoris Vallianatos at the bottom of a network, which was involved in planning, organizing and effecting Theodekti’s murder attempt.

Theodekti Vallianatou and Grigoris Vallianatos, by contrast, had no obvious direct motive to take such a risk. It is, therefore, much more likely that they were offered financial or other benefits.

I note that Grigoris Vallianatos is a journalist, a former advisor of Prime Minister George Papandreou, a close associate of Soros and a figure at the centre of the fractional reserve banking fraud that has driven Greece into artificial debt. As a mayoral candidate for Athens, interested in obtaining high political office and is dependent on donations.!5048278/

I believe the possible involvement of Alexis Tsipras as a person with the knowledge, motive and means points to the risk of Tsipras’ trying to use his political influence on the judicial system in Greece to suppress this case.


i. Evidence


A copy of tweet by Alexis Tsipras sent on October 6th 2015 [1]

A copy of tweet Alexis Tsipras sent on February 9th 2015 [2]

A copy of Google cache page [3]

A copy of Google search page [4]

A copy of Google search page [5]

A copy of Google search page [6]

A copy of Google search page [7]

A screenshot of  Alexis Tsipras’ Greek twitter account [8]

ii. Discussion

The proof that Alexis Tsipras has knowledge of my blog comes in the form of tweets that Tsipras sent on 6th October, 2015, reproducing exactly the same spelling mistake of the surname of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann that I also made on my blog earlier.

I frequently misspelled Faymann on my blog as Faynmann, ie by adding an extra “n”.

I corrected the spelling mistake on my blog, but it can still be seen in the google cache. [3]


Tsipras makes the same spelling mistake. He writes Faynmann in Greek letters adding an extra “n” or “v” in tweets he sent during his visit with Faymann to the island of Lesbos on 6th October. [1]

faynmann lesbos.png

Tsipras started to add the extra “n” in his tweets in Greek after his personal meeting with Faymann in Vienna on 9th February 2015, his first visit abroad as Greek Prime Minister.

In his first tweet on arriving in Vienna, and apparently before his personal meeting of Faymann, Tsipras spelled Faymann’s name correctly, that is, he did not add an “n”. [2]


There are only 499 cases of Faymann mispelled as Faynmann on Google [4] compared to 482,000 correct speelings of Faymann. [5]

faynmann rare


The mispelling Faynmann, therefore, occurs in only 0.1 cases. The odds of Tsipras accidentally misspelling Faymann as Faynmann are, therfore, 1000 to one against. The odds of Tsipras accidentally starting to do this after spelling the name correctly are even smaller. The odds of Tsipras accidentally reproducing the spelling by accident on the day of his personal meeting with Faymann are miniscule.

In Greek letters, Werner Faymann is spelled correctly in 89000 Google searches [6] 


Faynmann appears in 11, 800 Greek Google searches or in 13% of the cases. [7]


Tsipras has 325 000 followers on Twitter as of today, about two months after his visit to Lesbos. The most likely explanation for the unusually large number of cases of the misspelling of Faynmann in the Greek speaking world is that Greek speakers reproduced Tsipras’ spelling mistake. [8]


The date when Tsipras picked up the spelling mistake establishes the basis for believing that Tsipras became familiar with my blog in February 2015 through Faymann. I allege Tsipras then started for the first time to read my blog, saw my wrong spelling and reproduced it. Tsipras became familiar with my background, found out I am half Austrian (father), lived in Austria for many years until 2012 and am a journalist with a reputation for accuracy. My blog seemed credible to him and he replicated the spelling mistake.

I believe the date of the first misspelling forms the basis of believing that Faymann himself showed Tsipras my blog. In the light of subsequent events, I believe Faymann suggested to Tsipras the need to remove me as well as the use of the method

I note the same method as Theodekti Vallianatou used was used by Austrian government officials, including Lukas Kenner. Kenner twice offered inducements to a pyschiatrist Dr Verena Strausz to confine me. She twice refused, recognizing it was illegal to confine a journalist performing a watchdog function on the internet.

Tsipras called Faymann a new friend, according to Die Presse.


i. Evidence

A copy of my report []

A copy of his report []

A copy of my textual analysis []

ii. Discussion

The proof that George Soros knows my blog comes in the form of a textual analysis comparing an article I posted about EU policies for the migrant crisis on my birdflu666 blog on XX and an article which George Soros published one day later on September 26th 2015 in Project Syndicate and reprinted in other media outlets in the following days. The topic also concerned EU policies for the migrant crisis. Soros made a different policy recommendation.

A textual analysis usng an online tool showed a statistically significant amount of words were repeated by Soros in his article that appeared in mine often with similar frequency.


One phrase used by Soros, “in a safe, orderly way”, almost exactly mirrors my phrase “in a safe and orderly manner”, and is used in the same context of managing flows of migrants.

The fact that Soros wrote his article under his name just one the day after mine shows that Soros reads my blog frequently. The shortness of time that elapsed between my blog post and his article suggests he also feels compelled to counter my proposals with his own proposals immediately. I allege Soros does this because he recognizes my blog is read by powerful people and even influences policy decisions. Soros’ active attempt to counter act my policy suggestions increases the weight and persuasiveness of the argument that Soros was eager to silence me once and for all in the monastery in April. Having failed to do so, I allege Soros did the next best thing, and attempted to counter act the influence of my articles by using arguments in the quickest possible time.

Significant also is that Soros has written only three reports for Project Syndicate this year, including his article mentioned above on migrants.

In this connection, it is of note tha Soros and his NGOs have been accused of playing a role in engineering the migrant flows that have entered Europe in the past few months. Russia announced on November 30th a ban of Soros and his organizations because they were a security threat.

It is unlikely that Soros obtained knowledge of my blog only in September. It is much more likely given his interest in my blog that he had prior knowledge of my blog. His foundation denied any involvement with a bioweapons lab in West Africa in the Tampa Bay Times on 13th, August, 2014, allegations which originated on my blog. It is, therefore, plausible that Soros had knowledge of my blog in August 2014 if not earlier.

The fact is, therefore, established from this textual analysis that Soros knows my blog, reads it regularly, and has done so for a long time. Also, he takes it seriously enough to copy extensively from it, albeit suggesting another policy option which benefits his hedge fund.


An analysis of the tweets and article establish the basis for claiming that Tsipras and Soros had direct knowledge of my blog. But did they have the motivation, means or opoortunity to seek to silence me?

Their motive is clear. They sought to silence me as a reprisal for disclosing information about their wrongdoing in relation to the Ebola crisis and the financial crisis on my blog.

Faymann has a motive to eliminate me as I had the intention of pursuing the Kenner case in Vienna. Another case that could be opened is the Baxter contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in 2009. As a result of charges I filed, the Austrian state prosecutor opened an investigation, which was dropped under political influence in 2009. In addition, there are now thousands of claims for compensation for damage caused by the swine flu vaccine. I warned about this damage, showing that govrnments failed in their duty of care in giving the vaccine.

I allege the network is also planning more orchestrated epidemics and vaccine campaigns, and wants a key science journalist exposing their agenda out of the way.


George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have the ability to commit the crime by using their networks to improperly influence others. They have the power and money to offer jobs, kickbacks, bribes, lavish entertainment, funding for high political office, donations or other things of value to influence improper Grigoris Vallianatos and Theodekti Vallianatou. and other individuals in their networks.

Soros has an extensive network of politicians and business people in Greece. He was reported to hold secretive meetings in Athens last year. On April 28th, about three weeks after I started by blog about Ebola, the frequent and secretive visits by Soros to Athens became the subject of a report in Newsbomb.

It is reported he met George Papandreou, a close contact of Grigoris Vallianatos.!5048278/

George Soros is a graduate of the London School of Economics as are Grigoris Vallaiantos, George Papandreou and Maurice Saatchi.

Another strand of the Soros, Rockefeller, Gates network is that David Rockefeller has links to former CIA director David Petraeus, the head of KKR, the company that controls Singular Logic, responsibe for all election results in Greece and which announced the election of Tsipras.

Bill Gates has links to Yannis Varoufakis in as far as Varoufakis works for Valve Corporation, a spin off of Microsoft.

I allege that David Rockefeller is the link between Geoge Soros and Alexis Tsipras. David Rockefeller is a member of the Good Club along with George Soros and Bill Gates. He is also the chair of the Bilderberg steering committee. Faymann is a member of the Bilderberg group together with Angela Merkel.

It is not clear if Tsipras has personally met George Soros in his visits to Athens, but it cannot be ruled out.

The evidence presented above establishes the basis for claiming that Tsipras and Soros had direct and personal knowledge of my blog. But I allege others in their networks may have had knowledge too because it is the nature of networks to disseminate netowrks. Because Tsipras and Soros are public figures, they write more and tweet more than, for example, David Rockelller or Bill Gates. That is why, I was able to prove their knowledge using textual analysis. I allege it is highly likely that Bill Gates and David Rockefeller also have knowledge of my blog through George Soros and Papandreou, Varoufakis and others in Greece through Alexis Tsipras.

In short, Soros, Gates and Rockefeller are at the heart of extensive networks in Greece. These also reach via President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also into the heart of the Orthodox Church.

In the past seven months, it has become clear that the Bishop of Volos and other high ranking clergy have held their protective hand over Theodekti Vallianatou by leaving her in her position in spite of the evidence she has and so empowering her to try to cover up her crimes and commit more crimes. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the attempt by Theoktist to bribe my lawyer occured after the Bishop of Volos had knowledge of her crimes and so implies his approval and encouragement.

I would like to draw your attention to the growing evidence that the Bishop of Volos, and possibly the Archbishop of Athens, is actively involved in a cover up. Although he was informed in several emails, and had a duty to investigate, he has held his protective hand over Theodekti Vallianatou, left her in her position of almost total control of the monastery, allowed her to plan, organize and commit new crimes using other nuns against Kirsten Funke.

I allege the Bishop’s motive is financial. I was told the Bishop receives 10% of the income of the monastery. I allege he does not want to repay me the10% of the about 100,000 euros or so I gave the monastery in cash, kind and electronic transfer or to pay compensation.


I have demonstrated that Tsipras and Soros had knowledge of my blog, a motive for silencing my blog and a means to do it in as far as they were able to influence Theodekti Vallianatou. The isolation of the monastery on a mountain in Anatoli and the total control that Theodekti Vallianatou enjoys as Abbess gave her the opportunity.

I believe their efforts to silence me took on a new urgency after I apparently made a successful intervention to stop the Medical Innovation Bill of Lord Maurice Saatchi. I also called for an investigation into the Soros and Gates and their role in the orchestrated Ebola epidemic.

I note that Maurice Saatchi like Soros, Vallianatos and Papandreou is a graduate of the London School of Economics. That makes it plausible that Saatchi contacted Soros and Soros activated in his network in Greece centered around Papandreou, and Papandreou, in turn, activated Grigoris Vallianatos to phone his sister.

I note that Theoekti Vallianatou left the monastery one day after my intervention in the form of an Open Letter and emails appeared to play a role in the last minute decision of the Liberal Democrats to blocking the Medical Innovation Bill of Maurice Saatchi. Theodekti made what she called a spontaneous visit to Athens which lasted about six weeks. The timing and unusual nature of her visit is consistent with the idea that she received a call telling her it was time to work out a detailed plan to remove me. The speed indicates the LSE networkof Saatchi, Soros, Papandreou and Valliantos was mobilized.

In Athens, Theodekti would have had the opportunity to meet her brother a lawyer, Grigoris Vallianatos, and other figures to work out a plan based on the ideas that Tsipras received from Faymann in his meeting in February and which were communicated to Vallianatos through Tsipras’s network.

A visit planned for Easter by a priest called Father Alexander from Athens, who seemed to have somehow been familiar with my blog, made it impossible for Theodekti to act until after he had left. She took the last opportunity available to her and acted as I was about to leave the monastery just a few days after Father Alexander left.

Sending away the Oxford graduate Theoktisti, who would have testified that my blog met the criteria of investigative journalism , Theodekti tried knowingly to mislead the police of Ajia and to misrepresent the nature of my blog to the other sisters. Exploiting a little known law in Greece that only two people are need to testify that a person is mentally ill for an emergency confinement, Theodekti set in motion events which she could reasonably have expected to result in my death either in a pyschiatric unit or on the streets of Greece if I had ever been released without money or ID or knowledge of the language.

Her plan appeared to be thwarted when the police of Ajia refused to come, something she did not seem to anticipate. She told me that the police would believe her word as Abbess, and that I as someone who was not Greek and did not speak Greek would not be believed.

I allege Theodekti Vallianatou and her brother Grigoris Vallianatos hoped to obtain a financial or other benefit. I note the bank account of the monastery is the personal bank account of Theodekti Vallianatou at Piraeus bank, and she personally stood to benefit from any donation.


I have established that Soros and Tsipras had direct, personal knowledge of my blog. I have established that they had the greatest motive and greatest ability to silence me by influencing their networks in Greece, specifically Grigioris Valliantos and Theodekti Vallianatou. I would, therefore, ask for them to be considered as prime suspects.

I note again Theodekti Vallianatou and Grigioris Valliantos did not have a clear motive for taking the risks involved in a murder attempt on me made as I was just about to leave the monastery. The issue of motivation is central to any crime.

I would like to draw your attention to the role that Faymann may have played in suggesting to Tsipras th method. The link between Faymann and myself is underlined by Tsipras’s reproduction of my spelling mistake of Fay(n)mann.

The fact that Theodekti used the same method as Faymann and Kenner suggests that there that Tsipras is using similar methods as those used in Austria.

For that reason, I think it is reasonable for me to fear that there will be repeated attempts to use the same methods against me in Greece and elsewhere if I do not get justice.

I would like to draw your attention to what appears to be a death threat made against me to drop the case.

I would like to draw your attention to criminal charges filed in Hamburg, Germany, by Kirsten Funke this summer alleging that Theodekti conspired to ruin her reputation and have her confined her by, first, sending someone to impersonate Kirsten Funke to a monastery in Germany and, sencond, instructing Theopisti, a German nun in Lavrion, to the ring the monastery and make the suggestion.

I would also like to draw your attention to the evidence that the Austrian government under Faymann used its influence on the state prosecutor to manipulate files, withhold evidence and set up a parallel data bank to thwart justice in my case against Kenner and other government officials who attempted to confine me.

Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to the way Tsipras this summer chose Austria as his partner for a reform of the justice system in a project that started on September 15th. Plans were announced for Austrian justice official Dr. Günter Walchshofer to work with Greek officials in this reform.

I believe the possible involvement of Alexis Tsipras points to the risk of Tsipras’ trying to use his political influence on the judicial system in Greece to suppress this case by using the same methods of appointing a corrupt state prosecutor to review the case, to withhold crucial evidence in the case or even use a parallel data base of cases.


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