Israeli airforce in Greece…

Israeli pilots during training in Greece practised attacking a Russian anti missile system.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who knows my blog personally and directly as his tweets, has made a special military pact with Israel which only the USA has.

This allows Israeli military personnel to operate with impunity in Greece, something which is surely open to a legal challenge.

An Israeli general has been caught commanding ISIS terrorists. That is, the Israeli officer had the key role of leading, organizing and guiding terrorists.

Maybe an Israeli general played a role in guiding the terrorists in the highly organized Hannover bomb plot, thwarted at the last moment? How do we know? The meticulous planning points to a professional such as Mossad, CIA, MI6 or all together.

For an Israeli general to command ISIS terrorists is part of a divide and rule strategy, setting Sunni Muslims against Shi ite Muslims. Another divide and rule agenda would be setting Greeks against Turks, for example, by launching some false flag or having Israeli pilots shoot down a Turkish fighter while training in Greece, and so starting World War Three.

It would be convenient timing for Tsipras and George Soros who are now facing scrutiny for their role in an attempt to murder me in a Greek monastery in April while I was disclosing information about their wrong doing.

Fingers off Greece, Netanjahu!



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