A new poll by Germany’s state TV channel ARD  claims that 56% of the public support Angela Merkel’s decision to send the air force to bomb Syria. Should we believe these polls?

Polls conducted by independent media Compact indicate the opposite, namely, that an overwhelming majority is against airstrikes in Syria.

Never mind public opinion and common sense. Germany’s MPs voted on Friday in favour of sending Tornado fighters to participate in air strikes without a UN mandate, without an invitation from the Syrian government, and without a plan.

Does that sound like a good idea? No, it doesn’t.

Are Germans brain dead? No.

So, who should we believe? The poll by ARD or Compact?

In October, ARD was forced to make the shocking admission they had used fake video footage to suggest broader public support for Angela Merkel’s open border policy than existed in reality.

ARD editor Kai Gniffke admitted archive film footage was taken from a protest in 2003 against the Iraq war and spliced into a report to suggest people in Berlin had poured onto the streets in support of Merkel and her sanctuary country policy.

In reality, there was a meagre turnout for Merkel, the Eric Honecker of 2015.

While 100,000 people participated in a protest against the Iraq war in 2003, a mere 8,000 came out to support Merkel’s migrant policy in 2015. So, when the mass media propaganda machine can’t find real supporters, it just invents them or uses archive film footage.

Since ARD has been caught red handed manipulating news to suggest more support for Merkel than exists why should we believe ARD polls indicating support for Merkel’s new war in Syria?

We shouldn’t.

Anonymous is more in tune with German public opinion, and Anonymous calls the vote in favour of airstrikes against Syria madness.

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