To close Greece’s borders, or not to? That is the question

Greece’s government said it will accept help from the EU in registering and providing shelter for migrants.

The reversal of its open doors policy comes after the EU threatened to exclude the country from the passport free Schengen travel zone.

It is not clear if EU border guards will patrol the Aegean Seas and be able to detain and send back illegal migrants.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras threw open Greece’s borders in spring, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to enter the country and make their passage through the Balkans to northern Europe.

As countries along the Balkan route have closed their borders, more and more migrants are being left stranded inside Greece’s borders.

Seven thousand migrants refused entry to Macedonia clashed yesterday with other asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan who are being allowed access, sparking a brisk trade in fake passports.

Riot police intervened to keep the groups apart.

A sprawling encampment has sprung up at Idomeni after Tsipras has continued to send migrants on from Athens with no provisions for looking after them at the border. Migrants have been left without food or shelter, intensifying tensions.

NGOs with links to George Soros such as W2eu have sought to exploit the misery of the migrants to force Macedonia to open its border again.

Solidarity with Eidomeni has set up a facebook page and an Infopoint with live feeds on the sitution at the Bordermonitoring in an effort to mobilize public support.

With Turkey poised to enter the EU following Angela Merkel’s concessions at a recent EU summit, millions of illegal migrants may soon be replaced by millions of legal migrants.

Merkel’s move is also sure boost the trade in fake Turkish passports.

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