Assad: British airstrikes in Syria will fail and are illegal

Syria’s President Bashar Assad has said Britain’s airstrikes in his country are “illegal”, doomed to fail and will help spread terrorism.

That applies not just to Britain’s airstrikes but also to the airstrikes of the USA, France and Germany. These airstrikes are also without a UN mandate and, therefore illegal. They will fail because they are uncoordinated. They will spread terrorism by killing innocent civilians and so fuel revenge terrorist attacks.

Angela Merkel claims the German airforce will not be involved in airstrikes, but will restrict itself to reconnaissance. But reconnaissance is an integral part of any air strike. Uncoordinated airstrikes threaten civilians. The airstrikes of Britain, Germany, France and the USA are uncoordinated. They are resulting in the deaths of countless civilians.

Assad represents the government of Syria but Britain, the US, France and Germany have not asked Assad for permission to enter Syria’s airspace. They have not asked Assad or his government about ISIS targets although Assad is on record as fighting ISIS. Instead, the USA, Britain, France and Germany carry out massive bombardments, hitting the civilian population. They are doing this illegally and they will fuel ISIS terror in Europe.

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