Highlighting all the words which appeared in my post on September 25th and which Geroge Soros used in his article published on the same topic the very next day makes the extent of his “copying” or “mirroring” really clear.

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my post 2

Phrases he uses that are exactly the same as mine are “migrants who do not qualify for asylum”, “processing centers” (US spelling), “Italy and Greece”, “another political crisis” and almost exactly the same is “in a safe, orderly” way.

Words that we both use, some very frequently, include “George Soros”, (I in the text, he as author!) “EU”, “Europe”, “migrants”, “refugees”, “asylum seekers”, “crisis”, “plan”, “political”, “financial” “security” ,”borders”, “dangerous”, “suffering”, “million”, “new” ,”plan”, “countries” ,”Turkey”, “region” and “costs”.

Bear in mind that my text is only 663 words long, including a reference to George Soros’s role in the engineered migrant crisis, about 30% shorter than his text published in Project Syndicate. Many of the words in both articles are the common words which are necessary for grammar such as “a”, “the”, “and”, “of”, “they”, “has”, “is” and so on. That means there are not that many nouns, adjectives or verbs left in my report. Still, most of them are used by George Soros in his report the next day.

George Soros makes the opposite policy recommendations from mine, speaking out in favour of an open borders policy.




.Sor 3.png

The proof that Alexis Tsipras has knowledge of my blog comes in the form of tweets that Tsipras sent on 6th October, 2015, reproducing in the Greek language exactly the same spelling mistake of the surname of Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann that I also made on my blog posts in the English language reporting on their meeting in Vienna in February.

I misspelled Faymann on my blog as Faynmann, ie by adding an extra “n”, also in two reports about the meeting between Tsipras and Faymann in Vienna in February.

I corrected the spelling mistake on my blog, but it can still be seen in the google cache.

Tsipras makes the same spelling mistake. He writes Faynmann in Greek letters adding an extra “n” or “v” in tweets he sent during his visit with Faymann to the island of Lesbos on 6th October.

Tsipras started to add the extra “n” in his tweets in Greek after his personal meeting with Faymann in Vienna on 9th February 2015, his first visit abroad as Greek Prime Minister.

In his first tweet in the Greek language on arriving in Vienna, and apparently before his personal meeting of Faymann, Tsipras spelled Faymann’s name correctly, that is, he did not add an “n” tweet.



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