Protests are planned in Berlin today after the German parliament approved unlawful air strikes against Syria. The involvement of German military forces has no UN mandate does not have the backing of Syria’s president Assad. This war is unlawful. No German soldier should be involved in it.

If you live in Berlin, show up for perhaps the most important protest of your life today, starting at 2 pm local time in Washingtonplatz. Yes, recent German history shows that your protest might decide whether you have a life or a future at all.

CDU politicians have already floated the idea of mass conscription of young people into the army or a community service to cope with the migrant crisis.

The plan envisages one year compulsory service for both boys and girls when they reach 18 years old, something which is apparently possible across Europe under the Lisbon Treaty. But recent German history has shown that a one year conscription can quickly turn into a life time committment and also that the age can be reduced to ten years or increased to seventy. Children and old men were enlisted at the end of the war into Hitler’s Volkssturm.

The use of German fighter planes in the uncoordinated bombardment of Syrian targets is going to increase the threat of terrorist attacks in Germany, according to a top police chief. It is also going to increase the flow of refugees leaving Syria and heading to Germany.

So the spiral of violence is set to grow and the calls for conscripts are set to grow.

The solution is not war. The solution is to arrest people smuggler and war monger Angela Merkel.

The German army is a defensive force.

Remember, Germans! Remember what your parents and grandparents went through when they were conscripted into the German army in the second world war!

My father was conscripted into the Waffen SS when he reached his 18th birthday. He was not allowed to finish his year at Grammar School but given a so called war Matura and sent to fight in Finland as part of a mountain troop division after just three months training. Hundreds of thousands of young men were wiped out on both the German and Russian side on the Finnish front, and incredible suffering was inflicted on the local people. Finland asked for help from the German army to stop an invasion by Stalin, a Globalist puppet like Hitler.

Meanwhile, my father’s sisters were forced to do service in the Bund Deutsche Madel. All this while my grandfather risked arrest for his criticism of Hitler and the Nazis.


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