Cardiologist Pim van Lommel talks about near death experiences

After I posted proof that Billionaire George Soros copies from my blog, a reader sent me this interview with Dr Pim van Lommel and suggested Soros should consider whether there is an afterlife and what kind he might expect to have if he is indeed engaged on financial and other crimes of a vast scale as the evidence on my blog suggests.

A cardiologist, van Lommel has conducted research into the near death experiences of his patients.

He concludes that consciousness is not localized to our brains or a function of our brains. Our brains at as receivers.

Patients who were clinically dead reported experiences which are commonly called spiritual, including a life review when they saw the influence of their every action on others. This life is not all there is, dear readers. God is real. We are going to be called to account for our actions.

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