He is one of the most powerful men in the world. He directs the government of the USA from behind the scenes through private consulting firms. Their communications  have been found among the emails Hilary Clinton kept on her private server.


And he copies from my blog, something significant in the context of an ongoing murder investigation in Greece. Read the evidence that George Soros has direct knowledge of my blog summarised for the state prosecutor in Larisa and for others here.

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It seems, George Soros does not just run a parallel, shadow government in the USA. He also seems to run Greece’s government.

Soros’ Thinktank Inet funded Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as early as 2012, according to Wirtschafts Woche.


As I prepare my submission for the next stage of the criminal investigation into a murder attempt in Greece, I am highlighting the evidence that both Soros and Tsipras have direct and personel knowledge of my blog, as well as the motive and means to silence me, making them prime suspects.

Read the evidence that Tsipras has direct knowledge of my blog summarised for state prosecutors and others here.

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The separate pieces of evidence that Soros and Tsipras know my blog appeared within a ten day time  period, strongly suggesting the notion that  both Soros and Tsipras synchronize their actions and have a close working relationship.

Their motive for silencing me is that I tell the truth on this blog about all their various crimes whether it is the orchestrated Ebola crisis, the engineered migrant crisis or the fractional reserve banking crisis.

A third of all the children in primary schools in Greece now go to school hungry as a result of the banker’s fraud.


Students have to prostitute themselves for 4 euros to pay for something to eat.


This is a crime. And it is not just in Greece that the private bankers and their politician puppets like Tsipras are causing misery.

Because I tell the truth as best as I can on this blog, I appear to have a strong following of powerful people around the world. I even appear to influence policy decisions. And in a way that Soros as well as his close associates such as David Rockefeller (who is linked to David Petraeus, the head of KKR, the company which controls Greece’s election company Singular logic) and Bill Gates do not like and which is, I allege, a motivation to get rid of me.

Indeed, the immediate trigger of the murder attempt appears to be the Open Letter I wrote to the Chair of the Health Committee of the UK Parliament warning about Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill. I also called for an investigation into the activities of Soros and Gates in relation to the engineered Ebola crisis.

The means Soros and Tsipras used to silence me are the improper influence they  have on their networks in Greece by offering financial and other benefits.

Will Tsipras try to suppress this case implicating him in Greece? You bet!



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