Watchdog: Billionaire George Soros’undermines Israeli interests

An Israeli watchdog concluded that George Soros’ philanthropy is bad news for Israel.

Their report listed the many causes in Israel, or pertaining to Israel, that are funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and concluded  the funding is channelled to groups which undermine Israel.

In addition, both the American Senate and the Israeli Knesset are allegedly investigating Soros for illegally financing the electoral defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu in the past elections. That means he must be doing something right.

In March, Fox News reported that a US Senate committee would investigate the State Department’s tax payer funded grants to the OneVoice Movement, one of the groups trying to oust Netanyahu at the last elections.

One Voice was formed in 2003, its inaugural board of advisers included Gary Gladstein who used to be the chief operations officer of Soros Fund Management.

Soros’ attacks on Israel underline the fact that Globalists like Soros, Bill Gates and David Rockefeller and Evelyn Rothschild are seeking to instrumentalize Israel to push their own agenda of a Middle East war, conflict and divide and rule just as they are seeking to use ISIS.

This blog has pointed out since 2009 that the Israeli population and soldiers get, or there are plans to give them, the same dangerous pandemic and other vaccines as the rest of the world.

I think it is important to stress again that Israel or the people of Israel are not to be identified with the Globalists like Soros, but are also their victims.


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