Every major medical organization in the UK united to explain their opposition to the Access to Medical Treatments Bill, a twin of Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill, in a joint letter published on December 15th.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, British Medical Association, Medical Protection Society, Patients Association, Royal College of Pathologists, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Royal College of Physicians wrote a joint letter to members of the Access to Medical Treatments Bill Committee outlining their opposition to the progression of the Bill through Parliament.

To no avail. No amendments were made to this Bill at the Committee  stage on 16th December.

A better name for this Bill would be the Josef Mengele Bill after the Nazi medical experimenter and mass murderer Dr Josef Mengele. The Access to Medical Treatments Bill, in essence, strips the legal protections of patients who are injured or killed by doctors as long as these can claim to have consulted one other (quack?) doctor. On top of that, the Bill ensures that any such cases will not become public. There is no requirement for records to be kept. How is this different from the situation in Nazi concentration camps?

The Mengele Bill is now progressing to the Report stage, scheduled for January 29th 2016.

As Alan Henness asks: when will the backers of this dangerous Bill start to listen?

Also worth asking is the question, why are they not listening?




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