An ISIS terrorist who re-entered Europe on the back of an open doors policy promoted by Billionaire George Soros has said that the group is planning coordinated attacks on Germany.

A detained German terrorist from Bremen, Harry S, told authorities that Germany can expect an Islamic blitzkrieg from returning fighters.

There have been numerous warnings from Germany’s police and security services that Angela Merkel’s open doors policy is leaving the country wide open to the threat of ISIS attack. There has been evidence of a build up of terrorists and weapons caches inside the country. Yet, George Soros pushed the notion that Germany should accept vast numbers of migrants a year in an article published in Project Syndicate on September 26th.

This article by Soros is set to become a piece of evidence in an investigation currently underway in Greece into a murder attempt made against me as I was disclosing information about the wrongful activities of Soros and Alexis Tsipras on my blog. The reason is that Soros copied and mirrored a post on my blog written just one day earlier. My post even mentioned Soros’ role in the engineered migrant crisis.

But while Soros copied whole chunks of my report, including entire phrases of seven words in length, he failed to mention his own role in orchestrating the flow of vast numbers of migrants and refugees or the risk of terrorism. Why? Why the omission? Could it be that Soros is himself involved not just in orchestrating the flow of migrants but also the flow of those very terrorists and their weapons to Europe? Could it be that Soros wants to start a variation of his colour revolutions inside Germany? If there is a wave of terrorist attacks in Germany or anywhere by ISIS, there is also now a prime suspect as the funder, organizer and faciliator . George Soros.



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