Last week, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sent me a letter in relation to my concerns that journalists like myself, who perform a public watchdog function on the internet, lack protection. His letter can be read here.

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In my reply today, I thanked President Juncker for taking an interest in my case and for taking practical steps to strengthen press freedom in Europe.

EC letter

The text of my reply can be read in a more legible form below.
Dear European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker,

Thank you for your reply to the concerns I raised about the lack of protection for journalists performing a public watchdog function on the internet.

Studies show that a genuinely free and independent media has a significant role to play in fighting corruption. A free and vibrant media able to perform its watchdog function is the basis of a thriving economy and a law abiding society.

In relation to my specific work, I can testify that pharmaceutical companies are able to conceal from the public the risks associated with their pandemic and epidemic vaccines largely by manipulating the press and media.

A “captured” media means that the lobbying of regulatory agencies and governments goes unreported, lies and corruption go unregistered, fraudulent scientific studies go unchecked, and the violation of laws goes unnoticed.

The injury to the public health and purse caused by a captured media extends well beyond the pharmaceutical branch to the financial, climate change and GMO sector, something underlined by a recent report.

Vital as a free media is my case demonstrates that much work still needs to be done to establish a framework to allow an independent media to operate in Europe, particularly in the field of science.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my blog was the only blog to give accurate and in depth information on the swine flu pandemic and vaccines in 2009, and it was the only blog to give accurate and in depth information on the Ebola epidemic and vaccines in 2014 and 2015.

A gap in information identified in 2009 has not been filled six years later.

This, in spite of the global scale of WHO’s pandemic and epidemic vaccination campaigns. WHO’s global regulatory regime has gigantic implications for public health, public funds as well as security also in Europe. The frequency with which these global emergencies are being declared by WHO, apparently on the basis of slick PR campaigns, shows no sign of changing.

In this context, the support of European Commission for press freedom and for my specific case is very much to be welcomed.

I will, indeed, contact the Ombudsman in Austria and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, which the European Commission funds, as you suggest, and ask if they are able to help me with the practical issues related to my specific case in Greece.

Thank you again for your interest in the issue of press freedom and for the steps you have taken to set up a programme to help journalists facing threats in a practical way.

I am sure the public will honour your efforts because the public are the beneficiaries of accurate information flowing from a free press.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Buergermeister

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