A thank you to Gunti Schmidt

Time flies by, and I realize I don’t thank those people who have helped me through this difficult period of my life enough. That’s wy I would like to take the opportunity today to  say a special thanks to Gunthilde Schmidt from Vienna, whose wonderful son Florian died of the long term effects of a vaccine injury this summer.

I offer my thanks to Gunti  in the form of a poem adapted from Lambros Porphyras.


The Pine Trees

Maybe, some day, the pine trees on the mountains,
might make a carpet of branches for me,  
So I can find a nook in their shade,
and build myself a shack there.

Maybe, some day, the summer and the pine trees
might make a couch of dry leaves, of fragrant needles,
for me to lie on and listen to their whispers
at dawn, desiring nothing beyond those pine trees.

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