Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, puppet of bankster George Soros, has started 2016 by trying to ram through measures which will impoverish pensioners and farmers, and bring the teetering country to final collapse.

Pensioners speaking at protests in Athens yesterday said the Tsipras’ government had tricked them.

“The government tricked the workers and the farmers into thinking that it will create a better society with more justice and less unemployment,” Reuters quotes 74-year-old protester Babis Kattis as saying.

“Pensioners are about to become beggars.”

The farmers are also about to become beggars as a result of more taxes, risking the food supply of millions of Greeks.

“With plans to impose a 25 percent tax on all earnings, an increase in social security contributions and an upfront payment of 75 percent of income tax, people in the primary sector are in a truly dire situation,” Tasos Halkidis, the president of an association representing 62 unions across Greece, told the Athens-Macedonian News Agencygrexit

The bankruptcy of the farmers might profit the banksters who can buy up half of Greece for a few pennies but it will spell mass starvation and the collapse of Greece. Here in Larisa many people only survive by going to the markets where they can huge sacks of potatoes for five euros or a kilo of tomatoes, paprika, oranges or lemons for 50 cents.

I personally hope 2016 is the year when Greece exits the euro and introduces sovereign money. A plan to reenter the Eurozone in five years after the economy recovers is a good option.

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