Architects and engineers in the USA have compiled an enormous body of evidence proving that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of a controlled demolition, and have demonstrated with facts and documents beyond a doubt that the official narrative is a lie.

Likewise, scientists from Poland have assembled a huge body of evidence, presented in conference after conference, proving that the official narrative of the Smolensk plane crash is a lie.

Yet, this body of factual evidence that the 96 leading Poles were assasinated has been ignored by the media in Poland and around the world.

Germany is, increasingly, waking up to the fact that their media is propaganda. And that propaganda is dangerous.

It is what Poles have known since the Smolensk plane crash cover up.

To restore some kind of independence, the new Polish government has sacked the directors of state TV and radio, who have been responsible for years of misinformation.

If the new government really does promote factual, accurate information without political colouring, it will be a huge win for Poland and Europe.

As a first step, all journalists, editors, and producers at TVP, Polish Radio, PAP, and 17 local channels are to lose their jobs.

“They will then be vetted and, maybe, re-hired, with the vetting process to include consideration of “objective” coverage of the Smolensk air disaster in 2010,” reports EU Observer.

Sounds very reasonable to me. Even I reported in 2010 that Smolensk plane crash was an attempt to cover up the murder of the Polish elite.

The evidence was so obvious that even someone like me, who does not speak any Polish, is not Polish, does not belong to any Polish or other political party, has no axe to grind whatsoever when it comes to Poland, could not but help but see the glaringly obvious proof that 96 Polish people had been murdered, and the public had been shown a plane wreckage to explain away that murder.

In short, there was no need to be Sherlock Holmes or Seymour Hersh to see there was a huge cover up underway.

Those Polish journalists who wilfully refused to report the facts on Smolensk cannot, therefore, claim to be journalists, and should be fired.

As employees of a PR or propaganda machine feigning to be journalists, this clique should, in my view, be made liabel in criminal and civil courts for their wrong doing.

Media laws in Poland should be changed to make journalists accountable for any lies they tell, which cause injury to the people of Poland.

Those journalists who did report accurately on Smolensk should be given their jobs back. Most of them were sacked or harassed.

Did any of the established media report on the purge of journalists who told the truth about Smolensk? No. Did any of the established journalist organizations protest the firing of journalits who reportedly accurately? No. Did the European Commission or Martin Schulz complain? No.

Some cases summarized here:

– During the rule of PO-PSL coalition, independent journalists were repeatedly harassed by the security agencies. The staff of, among others, “Gazeta Polska” had their homes searched. In May 2011, at six in the morning, agents of the Internal Security Agency entered the flat of an Internet user who ran a satirical website on Bronisław Komorowski.

– Independent journalists were dismissed from their posts as they demanded honest investigation into the Smolensk crash. Tomasz Sakiewicz and Anita Gargas, among others, lost their jobs in the public media. Cezary Gmyz was dismissed from the editorial staff of “Rzeczpospolita” for publishing information indicating that there were traces of TNT found on the wreck of the plane that crashed at Smolensk. Later, the information was confirmed by the prosecutors leading the investigation.

– In June 2014, agents of the Internal Security Agency raided the office of a weekly “Wprost” which revealed stenographic records of conversations held by most important politicians. The agents wanted to confiscate computers and data storage discs belonging to the journalists. The so called tape scandal that erupted a few days earlier, provided evidence, among other things, that state-owned companies subsidized only the media writing in favour of the government. They ignored such indicators as reading of the press. Media houses were pressed not to place their advertisements in the independent press. For that reason a huge part of the media, Gazeta Polska included, were deprived of paid-for commercial advertisements


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