Thanks to Sok, my report for the Larisa State Prosecutor is ready on time

Well, dear readers, I have been busy getting my evidence ready for the state prosecutor in Larisa.

I still have a bit to do as far as cross referencing the various items of evidence with the text concerns. But you can read the final text of the Greek version here:


And the English text here:

End Draft

I would just like to say a big, big thank you to Sokratis Kyriazis, who put in such long hours over the New Year to translate my charges in spite of his many other work and family commitments. His standards of professionalism, honesty and courtesy are second to none.

I can only recommend Sok, as his friends call him, if anyone needs a Greek translator.

Contact Sokratis at:

Σωκράτης Κυριαζής
Veli 14

Check out his website at

A big, big thanks again!

It’s an exciting week for me after months and months of waiting. And seeing the update for the state prosecutor written in Greek kind of adds to the excitement. Greek is a beautiful language. I cannot read it or speak it but the letters have a tremendous visual appeal, I think.

As for my case, a new state prosecutor is due to be assigned this week to review the evidence so far before determining on the trial. It will be interesting to see if the state prosecutor tries to ignore the new and very convincing evidence that both Alexis Tsipras and George Soros read my blog. That will not be acceptable given the fact my blog posts are at the heart of the events being investigated and given the fact my blogs are also of significance to the people of Greece and the rest of the world.

The evidence that Soros is an organizer of the engineered migrant crisis is particularly relevant right now.

It is, therefore, absolutely not acceptable for any state prosecutors in Greece to ignore or downplay the evidence that Tsipras and Soros have direct and personal knowledge of my blog in this case concerning international freedom of the press.

As for Theodekti Valliantou, compared to that woman, Merkel’s migrant mobs rampaging in Cologne are gentlemen. Staggering has been the cover up by the Orthodox Church, specifically the Bishop of Volos, a crony of Theodekti’s who allows her to run the monastery using her private bank account in violation of all church rules, and who gets, it seems,  a 10% cut of her financial fraud. This woman is dangerous, and the sooner she is clapped in jail, the safer everyone else will be.

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