My lawyer — an excellent lawyer, who takes on cases for people even when they cannot pay or dangerous cases like mine — has joined a three day nationwide lawyer’s strike in Greece today.

Though I am personally affected by the strike, I support the lawyers one hundred per cent because their very existences are being threatened by the latest wave of taxes, and social security contribution hikes.

Lawyers, like farmers, in Greece struggle along with minimal incomes of 300, 400, 500 or 600 euros a month after seven years of debt death spiral austerity and crushing taxes. 

Lawyers, like farmers ,now face total ruin as a result of extra social security contributions and taxes that Alexis Tsipras plans to impose to pay, ultimately, the private bankers who have obtained a monopoly over the creation of money and who charge us exorbitant amounts for it.

What option do they have now but to strike and organize?

When the lawyers and farmers are ruined in Greece, what then? How are people like me supposed to get any justice? What are people supposed to eat? How are the lawyers and farmers going to feed their families and children in a country with no unemployment or social welfare benefits?

Martin Wolf wrote in the Financial Times that the private creation of money and the resulting interest is the gigantic hole swallowing our economies.

“It could be closed by separating the provision of money, rightly a function of the state, from the provision of finance, a function of the private sector.”

The new chief of Germany’s national broadcaster, ARD, Karola Wille has promised change to restore the credibility in the media.

A good start would be  reporting on the private creation of money, the debt death spiral it is causing in Greece, sending reporters to interview farmers and find out what is really going on in Greece.

After all, if Greece collapses in the next few months, it will impact on Germany too.






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