Re-blogged without permission from Saatchi Bill – The Writing’s on the Wall by Nigel Poole QC.

“I very much hope that this will be my last post on the Saatchi Bill — perhaps you do also!” writes Nigel Poole in his update on the progress of the Saatchi Bill’s twin piece of legislation through the House of Commons.

Yes, Nigel, I do also hope this will be your last post on the Saatchi Bill.

Not because I do not admire your (frighteningly) lucid explanations about why this bill is so dangerous. But because we are all, surely, utterly sick and tired of the interminable story of the Saatchi Bill. This strange piece of legislation seems capable of multiplying and replicating like something out of  vampire folklore, yet hope is the last thing to die, as an old Russian proverb says.

And promises made by the bill’s sponsor MP Chris Heaton-Harris  do really appear to offer hope of an end to, at least, the latest version of the Bill in the House of Commons, something which, it seems, will make it much harder for the other version introduced into the House of Lords to progress.

Read the rest of Nigel Poole’s post on the apparent death throes of this dangerous “Mengele” Bill on the Stop the Saatchi Bill website back online again today.

Is it…? Dare we believe it…? Can it really be the end of the Saatchi Bill?


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