Groups of illegal Muslim migrants have attacked a string of churches in Germany

Hundreds of illegal migrants attacked the Lorenzkirche in Nurenberg on New Year’s Eve, it has emerged. Migrants aimed  rockets at the church roof  in an attempt to set it on fire.

One of the Muslims, who was carrying a rocket, said “We will burn Germany” according to an eye witness.

The attacks happened amid a stand down of the Nurenberg police.

Local people report that migrants were allowed to harass and assault women with impunity as well as throw rockets, fire crackers and bottles at crowds gathering to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

In a separate development, a group of Muslim youths attacked and disrupted the service at the Rheydter Marienkirche in Mönchengladbach on Christmas Eve.

The group destroyed the crib, ran wild in the church and called the people attending the service “shit Christians”. The oldest was 14 yeas old. The pastor has filed charges.

Illegal migrants also attacked the Cathedral in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.




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