Amid an unpreceddented collapse in confidence in the Open Doors policy of Angela Merkel, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble has made the dangerous suggestion that the army should be deployed on German soil to maintain security.

But a country that needs the army to protect its citizens as they go about their daily business is a failed state. By arguing the army is now needed to protect the basic security of citizens, Schauble is, therefore, indirectly admitting that Germany has already become a failed state.

Indeed, the mass sex assaults on women by illegal migrants, who entered as a result of Merkel’s lawless decision, in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have exposed a lawless vacuum in the country, and shattered public trust in the state as top judges have said.

The former head of the Constitutional Court Hans Jurgen Papier has accused the government of a “staggering political failure.”

He said the mood in the country has turned against Merkel.

Against this background of a total collapse in trust, few people, bluntly put, trust Schauble either as one of the politicians complicit in allowing Merkel to establish a lawless dictatorship in the first place. It is this group politicians who have become increasingly become a target of criticism for their inaction by party rank and file members such as David Bendels.

The Merkel regime has been condemned as a lawless dictatorship not just by Papier by a raft of top law experts. Law Professor Josef Isensee was the latest to say Merkel breached the constitution by unilaterally announcing a radical immigration policy.

“Where was the parliament?” he asks.

Merkel is, also, violating EU laws by allowing illegal migrants to enter the country, top judges say.

Against this breakdown of law and order caused by Merkel, the appearance of troops on the streets of German cities is sure to escale tensions. These troops will now be perceived as the jackboots of the lawless dictatorship of Merkel.

The solution, now, is not the army. The solution is to reinstate the Constitution and the rule of law.

Schaeuble should focus his efforts on that before the country collapses under the next wave of illegal radical Muslim migrants.

At most, troops should be used to guard the frontier. This would help free up police to patrol German cities, and stop the formation of militias.

Schaeuble has squandered enormous trust in the past months by sitting on the side lines while Germany descended into lawless chaos.  Without enjoying the trust of the public, at a time when citizens are falling back on militias to protect themselves because of the failures of the police and government, no politician should propose the deployment of troops on German soil. Schauble is playing with fire.

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