If you stick around long enough, you can just start reposting old articles. We seem to be seeing the same scams pulled over and over again.

The latest, and perhaps most dangerous financial scam in history of the globe is underway. It is the engineered destruction of the price of oil and commodities by off the radar hedging and speculation. The deliberate implosion of the oil and commodity price appears to be being used as a weapon by the Globalists to destabilize states, and trigger a gigantic wave of migration to Europe.

A billion people could head to Europe as a result of the collapse of the economies of countries in Africa and the Middle East dependent on commodities and oil, Globalist Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos has said.

“As the crash in commodities prices spreads economic woe across the developing world, Europe could face a wave of migration that will eclipse today’s refugee crisis, says Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

“Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview ahead of the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, in the Swiss resort of Davos. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”

The affected countries should take  legal action against the Globalist Billionaires meeting at Davos for their role, and the role of their companies, in price fixing in the commodities and oil futures, spot and swaps market.

In 2013, traders in the global oil market brought a lawsuit, proving that the prices of buying and selling oil are fixed by oil companies and banks.

“Some of the world’s biggest oil companies including BP, Statoil and Royal Dutch Shell conspired with Morgan Stanley and energy traders including Vitol Group to manipulate the closely watched spot prices for Brent crude oil for more than a decade, they allege. The North Sea Brent benchmark is used to price the majority of the world’s crude and helps determine where costs are headed for fuels including gasoline and heating oil.

The case, which follows at least six other US lawsuits alleging price fixing in the Brent market, provides what appears to be the most detailed description yet of the alleged manipulations and lays out a possible roadmap for investigators.”

This blog also noted  in 2010  that the oil price is manipulated. In 2011, I wrote about the unregulated over the counter market in oil, which makes up 80% of the futures exchange market, and allows for gigantic hedging and speculation scams.

“Off the radar trading on the Chicago futures exchange can push up the cost of vital raw materials, food stuffs as well as oil, of course,  fuelling inflation in spite of debts and so damaging the real economy.”

Off the radar trading can also push down the price of  raw materials, food stuffs as well as oil of course, wrecking the economies of Africa and the Middle East.

Which brings me back to the point made at the beginning of this post, namely, that the Globalists keep using the same scams because no one ever stops them by taking legal action.

Let’s change that in 2016!

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Liberia should sue the oil price fixers, sue them for destroying their economies!


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