Germany’s Anonymous’ Facebook site now has a wider reach than both Spiegel and Bild, the main propaganda instruments of Merkel’s dictatorship, put together.


Anonymous attributes its explosive growth in the last few weeks to the mainstream media’s lame attempt to smear it as “extreme right wing.”

In fact, Anonymous just shows up the contradictions and lies in the clearly biased mainstream media narrative.

The German public has become aware of the extent of the Merkel dictatorship’s control of the media after the national broadcasters failed to report on the assaults, rape, robbery and molestation by Merkel’s illegal migrant mob of over a thousand women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve for days on end.

The news only emerged on the social media in spite of massive censorship by Facebook under contract to the Merkel regime to see to it that all criticism of her unconstitutional and lawless Open Doors policy is erased.

It was the backlash on the social media that forced mainstream media to report on the staggering scale of the assaults in Cologne.

The exponential growth of Anonymous is mirrored in the dramatic collapse of the mainstream media.

Bild’s anyway depleted print circulation dropped another 10% in the fourth quarter ending 2015 while FAZ’s lost another 13% of its readers.

After Germany’s disastrous Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere urged Germans to get their information from controlled mainstream newspapers, their circulation is sure to fall even further.

Anonymous rightly fears its Facebook site will be shut down by the Merkel dictatorship because too many Germans are availing of their right to freedom of information. It is now asking its readers to follow it on a Russian server.

In my view, it would be wise of Anonymous not to rely on Putin, but to set up alternative sites, for example, in Norway.




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