Billionaire George Soros has said that the EU is on the verge of collapse even as Sweden is funding migrants to train as Maiden style snipers (who shoot at both sides to inflame conflicts).

Soros should know. He helped cause that collapse as the hidden, and not so hidden, hand guiding, funding and supporting through his NGO network the vast movement of migrants into Europe.

Indeed, Soros’ article in Project Syndicate urging Europe to take in at least a million migrants a year has become a key piece of evidence in an ongoing murder investigation against me in Larisa, Greece.

His article copies extensively from one of mine written a day before and making the opposite recommendation, and so offers proof that he has personal and direct knowledge of my blog. And, of course, a motive for silencing me.

Read the charges in English and Greek here.

Report English

Report Greek

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Sweden is funding a sniping course for migrants.

So, here we have the future snipers to be used in a Maiden style putsch being trained by the Swedish government.

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