The border between Greece and Macedonia has been closed again today for the second time since Tuesday evening, leaving thousands stranded.

More than sixty buses of migrants are expected to arrive today at Idomeni, the main crossing of the frontier, according to MSF Sea. But it is not clear how they will be able to proceed north as new regulations bite.

Migrants have to register that they are seeking asylum in Austria or Germany before they can proceed. However, Austria has capped the number of migrants it will accept at 37,500, a drastic reduction compared to last year.

In a sign that Greek authorities and NGOs are already overstretched after a couple of days of brief border closure, five thousand new arrivals have to wait at a petrol station 20 km away from Idomeni.

Several European countries have sent police to help Macedonia enforce stricter controls at its borders.
Hungary sent 10,000 rolls of Nato barbed wire for 100 kilometre fence and 16,000 concrete posts in December.

We have to hope that Macedonia keeps the border completely closed and that it will receive the support it needs to build a border fence to ensure that the border stays closed.

Contrary to the propaganda of NGO s like MSF, these people are not refugees. They are the foot soldiers of an organized invasion, organized by George Soros, among other Globalists.

Shocking as the suffering of many is, the suffering of Greeks right now in austerity hit Europe is also shocking. The suffering of women and children in Germany assaulted and raped by migrants is shocking. The suffering of  Europeans will also be shocking if the continent collapses due to the influx of radical Muslims.

It is up to the Greek people to close their borders or face an unprecedented invasion of radical Muslim migrants. If necessary, the Coastguard, Navy and police have to use deadly force. Migrants will soon stop crossing if they are met with a hail of bullets for violating Greek waters. Migrants collected in internment camps can be marched to the land border and sent across at the point of a gun. An armoured division should be placed behind the land border to guard it. Simple.

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