With the closure of the borders in Germany and Austria only weeks or even days away, the borders in the Balkans will also close, flooding Greece with illegal migrants, yet the  government of Alexis Tsipras does not seem to be prepared.

The border of Macedonia is already starting to close for periods of time. Every time it closes for a few hours, several thousand migrants are left stranded in Greece.


When that border closes completely, Greece will be de facto shut out of Schengen irrespective of what  EU officials say. Greece will find tens of thousands of illegal migrants building up inside its borders within days, hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants in the coming weeks as the weather grows warmer, and millions , even tens of millions, by summer if arrivals continue at the current rate. That is 36 times high than last year.

Last summer, arrivals surged 20 times during. If there is a similar surge this summer, something possible if one billion people move north due to collapsing oil prices Greece could see a million migrants, including ISIS fighters, trying to cross from Turkey at peak days in summer.

Some of these ISIS  fighters may even be armed and supplied by Turkey if Turkey’s record of support for ISIS in Syria is anything to go by.

Alexis Tsipras set the influx of migrants deliberately in motion.

The defense minister Panos Kammenos even announced the policy in the media in March.


Tsipras, then, opened the interment camps.

Frontex, the Greek police and authorities and George Soros controlled NGOS have since organized an operation to move tens of thousands of illegal migrants north every single day and so become complicit in endangering all of Europe.

The accusation of the Greek President that Turkey is helping people smugglers is ridiculous when Greece itself has morphed into the biggest people smuggling operation in modern history.


The latest request by the Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias for 100 boats from Frontex is risible when those boats are just being used to bring illegal migrants into Europe instead of stopping the flow altogether by reversing the policy, announced in the international media, of destroying Europe with migrants and terrorists.

As Greece’s last friends in Germany, Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel, are set to be toppled or sidelined, Alexis Tsipras should read the writing on the wall.

Nothing less than the deployment of the navy and army will be able to stop the influx of migrants which can reasonably be expected. And the longer that deployment takes, the less chance it has of succeeding.

A warning has to be given that the policy of Greece has changed. The Turkish government and migrants have to be told in advance that any violation of their waters will result in the use of legal force.

Warning shots have to be fired at migrant boats, giving victims a chance to swim back or be picked up  by the Turkish coast guard. But if Turkey refuses to pick up the migrants or allow the migrants back and forces them onto boats, the Greek army and navy have to be ready not just to sink boats but to shoot to kill and before the migrants reach the shore.

And what about the land border? How is that going to be guarded if a million people want to get through?

Does the army and navy have the ammunition and fuel for this huge task? Are the soldiers psychologically prepared for the very horrible task of shooting millions of migrants as they try to cross the sea? If they run out of ammunition or nerve,  and even a million or two migrants get through in the space of one or two weeks, it spells the end of Greece. Interring a million or two million people is not feasible for a country of eleven million on the verge of collapse.

There have to be emergency plans to abandon the outer Aegean islands and set up a new line of defense if the migrants storm the islands. There have to be plans for house to house fighting if groups, armed with weapons, get ashore. Are any of these plans in place?

How will they manage this with Greece on the verge of internal collapse due to the bankster austerity, with the country outside of Schengen and outside of the euro?

Tsipras, Kammenos, Nikos Kotzias and the rest of the clique guilty of this crime are deluding themselves if they think they can take this bitcoin money and move some place else.

But the scale of the problem they are facing has not still apparently dawned on them. They thought they were setting a trap for others. Now they will be caught in that trap.

There will be no where for them to flee from that trap when legal action and police arrest warrants are slapped, also likely for tax evasion on offshore bank accounts? Thousands of Greeks whose names are on tax evasion accounts in Switzerland are facing massive problems if they try to set up residence outside Greece. The German and Swiss authorities are just itching to get at them.

The Balkan and European states have already started to deploy their army and prepare to strengthen their border defences. They will have the resources to massively fortify borders in a short time. Greece will not. But if disaster strikes Greece, it is reassuring to know that this time tricky Tsipras and his tricky friends, who caused this disaster, will have no escape either.






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