Tens of thousands of people  took to the streets of cities around Poland yesterday to protest the new governments plans for more internet survelliance.


The people of Poland are right to protest the new invasive online media laws.

The new government claims to want more freedom and democracy. But the plans for massive surveillance of the internet are not compatible with that claim.

There are enough opportunities for the Polish secret service to conduct surveillance operations as it is. National security will not be improved by the new laws spying on every Polish person on the internet. Such plans will only alienate voters. They will also fuel fears that the real agenda of the new government is a sinister one and that Jaroslav Kaczynski is being used as a front or a useful idiot for that agenda. Ironically, they attack the very platform that spread information about the lies and contradictions in the official version of the Smolensk plane crash.

“You are supposed to listen, not listen in,” read one banner carried by a protestor in Crackow yesterday.

The government would be wise to listen to the people who voted it into office, and drop these dangerous plans before it alienates the entire population.

Instead of conducting massive internet surveillance, the government should focus on doing something to improve the economy.

Viktor Orban and his totalitarian surveillance state in Hungary is not a model. In terms of his financial and economic policies, Orban might as well work for Wall Street and the City of London. For his policies have led to the impoverishment of Hungarians.

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