A crowd of, no doubt, organized protestors massed at the land border between Greece and Turkey Sunday, demanding it to be opened.

The Greece-Turkey land border is secured with a 12.5-kilometer fence and if Alexis Tsipras, and his Globalist controller George Soros, tries to open it, it will provide a new route for millions of illegal migrants to pour into northern Europe.

Every single Eastern European country, Austria and the Scandinavian countries should now prepare to create massive fortifications along this route and also to provide soldiers to guard it. They should not wait for the EU to give permission. The EU has taken no serious action to stop this unfolding disaster.  It has made itself irrelevant.

Eastern European, Austrian and Scandinavian countries should just go ahead and set up row upon row of defence lines in suitable terrain like along rivers or overlooking valleys while there is still time. The defences lines will need to be very  extensive and very elaborate and include elements such as several lines of electrified barbed wire, minefields and machine gun nests.

According to Klaus Schwab, a billion migrants could head to north Europe if the oil and commodities prices continue their collapse.

This blog has documents how these migrants are being directed into Europe by George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and other Globalists with the purpose of imploding it. Many also seem to carry weapons.

Just the act of setting up fences will deter migrants.


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