“I welcome your suggestion that all EU Member States should provide assistance to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia authorities to support controls on the border with Greece through the secondment of police/law enforcement officers, and the provision of equipment,” said European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker in a letter to the Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar seen by the Financial Times, writes Duncan Robinson.

Mr Juncker confirmed that the law allows EU countries to stop migrants entering a country when they want to apply for asylum elsewhere in Europe.

“Member States should indeed refuse entry at the external border to third-country nationals who do not satisfy the entry conditions, including third-country nationals who have not made an asylum application despite having had the opportunity to do so,” wrote Mr Juncker.

The legal situation is, therefore,  clear. Greece is obliged to block the entry of migrants who have no chance of asylum at its borders. It is required also to register asylum seekers on its territory. Those are the existing laws, which the Alexis Tsipras government has overturned with a deliberate change of policy.

Panos Kammenos announced in March the plan to flood Europe with economic migrants and Islamic terrorists. And now Europe is sick and tired of it.

Before the Tsipras and Kammenos gang in Athens make more fools of themselves with their distortion of the law in the Greek propaganda media, they should read carefully the first paragraph.

The Eastern European countries are sending police to the border and police are allowed to use force. Force will be used to restore the law at the border of Macedonia. The passage of migrants will be blocked by force. It will likely require the use of deadly force and massive amounts of resources.

One man was killed today at the border with Macedonia underlining how great the potential for violence among frustrated migrants is.

Austria has warned it will reach its cap for migrants in a few months.  It is also preparing to deploy its army to use force.

True, Greece can’t take millions of migrants and Islamic terrorists sent by Tsipras and Kammenos. But then neither can Europe.

Now, Tsipras has to figure out how to close Greece’s borders in a few weeks or face total annihilation. And that solution will require force too. But then he should have thought of that when he opened the interment camps in spring and starting flooding Europe with economic migrants and terrorists.

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