Europe has to brace itself for an unprecedented challenge if the current surge in migrants arriving in Greece is anything to go by.

Figures show that the inward flow of migrants into Greece is 36 times higher than during the same period last year, itself a record year.

Up to 23rd January 2016, 43 921 migrants arrived in Greece. During the whole of January in 2015 only 1694 migrants arrived. The  represents a 36 fold increase.


During the summer  months of 2015, migrants numbers surged another 20 times at regular intervals.

So, let’s do the maths.

In September 2015, 168,000 migrants entered Greece.

On current trends, a 36 fold surge can be expected. That means, 36 times 168,000 migrants or 6 million migrants  can be expected to enter Greece in September 2016.

But there might also be an exponential extra surge or summer weather bonus of 20 fold at periodic intervals  as  occurred last year.

In that case, and assuming only one summer weather surge of 20 fold, September 2016 alone could see 120 million migrants entering Greece or four million every month or about fourteen times the entire Greek population.

However, the surge in the numbers of migrants could be much higher if the billion migrants head north as Davos boss Klaus Schwab has predicted will happen if the collapse in oil and commodities prices wreck African and Middle East economies.

Let’s hope Alexis Tsipras has a plan B to his open borders policy. If not,  Europe can look on the bright side. It will never have to hold another one of those tedious Greece bailout summits again or have to listen to the tedious lies of the Tsipras clique again.  That will be a big plus, surely.

But Europe will need very good defences all along the Macedonia and Bulgarian route and all the way up the Balkans.

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