Mad as a hatter Merkel? Top German pyschiatrist says she is “completely irrational”

Angela Merkel emerged from her fortress Chancellory to have one of her an increasingly rare encounter with  real people only to find one protesting her unilateral  open doors policy.

Her strange lack of reaction strongly suggests the notion that top psychiatrist best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz is right to say that Merkel is  narcisstic and unable to deal with reality.

Maaz called Merkel’s behaviour in the migrant crisis “completely irrationally,” ie she is mad.

A chemistry professor in Halle interrupted Angela Merkel during the opening of a science research institute to protest her open doors immigration policy, only to be ejected from the hall.


Merkel’s rigid bearing as she actually thanked him, and her wooden response to his angry protest reinforces the view expressed by Maaz that Merkel is barely holding it together.

The word is also spreading in the English speaking world that Germany is now led by not just a lawless dictator but a mad as a hatter dictator.

“Top psychiatrist best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angel Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”,” reports Infowars.

But as this blog has documented, her unilateral open borders “madness” is exactly the same madness as that of Werner Faymann’s and Alexis Tsipras and she was struck with this “madness” at the same time as they were.

In fact, they appear to be puppets of George Soros, I have argued, who is seeking to flood Europe with a vast number of economic migrants and ISIS terrorists to implode the continent at a time when the fractional reserve banking system is about collapse.

Now that is one mad plan!

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