As Europe faces an unprecedented surge in migrants, it is becoming clear that many migrants arriving have completely unrealistic expectations about what the job and housing situation in Europe. They should be informed before they leave their countries.

An FT report  today illustrates just how clueless many migrants are about the lack of economic opportunities that await them with the story of a Moroccan migrant called Hassan waiting at the Greek Macedonian border to cross north.

Thousands of migrants are actually already leaving Germany and Scandinavia of their free will after they discover harsh reality of life in Europe in no way matches the propaganda picture conveyed by Angela Merkel’s selfie.

Recall Angela Merkel did not submit any legislation to Germany’s parliament before she opened the borders unilaterally in violation of the constitution and the laws. That means there is no  budget for her million or more illegal migrants. and no plan for how to integrate them into the workforce.

Meanwhile, Merkel is now considered mad  as well as a lawless dictator by top Germany experts. That point could also be made on twitter to people in Africa.

They have been invited by a clinically “mad” dictator, the kind they are fleeing.

Tens if not hundreds of thousands migrants have to live for months on end in school sports halls in Germany with inadequate facilities.

A thousand sports halls are occupied, some with only four toilets for 200 people.

As a result of these miserable conditions, thousands of migrants have already returned back to their countries, including so called war zones like Iraq.

Thousands have left Finland, Norway and Germany as they have discovered the harsh reality of boredom, lack of opportunity, cold weather, and hostility.

Iraqis are queuing up to leave Berlin and return home.

The message about the truly miserably conditions in Europe should be sent to people like Hassan before they leave their countries, spend their savings and endanger their lives.

Two weeks ago, he flew to Turkey, where he obtained a tourist visa, and then joined the organized transport by Turkey and Greece of migrants across the Aegean Sea and then up through the western Balkans.

With his chances as a Morroccan of crossing into Macedonia legally gone, Hassan is considering paying a smuggler €500 to bring him over the border at nightfall, reports the Financial Times, but fears being robbed or beaten up.

“Now I don’t know what I will do,” he said. ”Perhaps return to Morocco.”

Hassan does not realize that returning to Morocco is his best option.

This is an information gap that European countries should urgently fill by launching a new media campaign on twitter, facebook.

Hassan’s town, Nadoor, in north-east Morocco says has seen 17,000 people leave for Europe in the past four months alone. Blitzing towns likw Nadoor with information would be a great way of reducing the billion or so migrants that Davos boss Klaus Schwab predicts could soon head to Europe.

They should be informed  that if they make it to Germany or Austria, the economic benefits will be meagre, if any. The social, emotion and pyschological costs, on the other hand, will be huge. He will join the million or other single men having to stay for months, if not years, in substandard accomodation, in the cold, without a job, a chance of a job, a girlfriend or a chance of a girlfriend.

Integrating migrants into the workforce will be all the more difficult given the fact that a study in December showed that two thirds can barely read or write.

If he is one of the “lucky” ones who can read and write in his language and learn German quickly, the most he can realistically hope for is to get a three euro job working 80 hours a week for some company, and with half of his earnings going on taxes. His conditions will be better than those of many Germans in the workforce. Young Germans often have to work for years under unpaid “practical experience contracts.”

As for the Greeks, they can only dream of 3 euros an hour, about half of which will go on taxes.

In short, Hassan will become another number in the army of a million migrants who are now viewed with extreme hostility by the local population, especially the women, whenever they leave their awful accomodation and express cultural attitudes towards them, which may be self evident to him, but which may, in this new world, even lead to him being jailed.

Also, after a few years, Germany’s finances will be so ruined by the gigantic costs of keeping Merkel’s illegal migrant army, that the country may not be able to give the migrants a loaf of bread a day.

Impoverished, isolated, shunned. That will be the fate of Hassan.

That is not propaganda. That is the truth. That truth should be told to people in Africa and the Middle East before they leave their countries.

As important as fences, police and army is an information campaign on twitter, facebook, blogs, radio to deter people from coming. Instead of waiting for the EU to organize it, every European country should use all their resources, their embassies, their connections to blitz the Middle East and Africa.

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