Update on my case: report handed over to Greek state prosecutor today

*State prosecutors office in Larisa confirms receipt of report containing proof Soros and Tsipras read my blog, alleging they are prime suspects in ongoing murder investigation

*Bill Gates also mentioned

*German court replies, sends copy of verdict where I am dismissed as a “well known conspiracy theorist” and a “supposed science journalist”, confirms my appeal will be handed to relevant judge


In the midst of a huge, global struggle for justice on so many levels, I handed in my report today to the state prosecutor’s office in Larisa offering proof that both George Soros and Alexis Tsipras read my blog, among other things.

Bill Gates is also mentioned as a member of the so called Good Club to which Soros belongs, and who are, I argue, at the heart of the Ebola false flag.

I also have presented evidence on this blog Bill Gates is behind the outbreak of Zika, a disease spread by  a genetically modified mosquito developed with his funding and which have a predictably fatal flaw.  The mutant mosquitoes are only supposed to reproduce if tetracycline is present in their environment. However, it turns out, the anti biotic tetracycline is virtually omnipresent in our environment, especially in water, and the mosquitoes are able to reproduce in large numbers.

Anyway, I was chuffed to receive a positive response to my report for the state prosecutor from a long time reader in the US.

“You have presented an excellent case that proves the macro and micro operations of the global gangsters.  From the top to the bottom of the visible pyramid, you have shown how it works.  Austria, Germany, and Greece, not to mention the EU, all marching in step for the “greater good.”

You certainly have a good plot for a James Bond movie.  Perhaps a Jane Bond movie,” says Jon.

You can read the report in English and Greek here:

A copy of the stamped and signed confirmation from the Larisa officials is here, with the file number and names blacked out for privacy reasons.


The new proof that Soros and Tsipras read my blog is very relevant to my case. This is because Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou said my journalistic activities on my blog were the reasons for her attempt to silence me.

I have reported  on this blog about the doubtful activities of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras for a long period of time. Both of these, therefore, would have a motive to silence me. They also have the means through their various networks in Greece, which reach into the circle of Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou. The proof that they have both have direct, personal knowledge of my blog, therefore, makes them prime suspects as the organizers of the whole attempt to silence me, I argue .

It will be interesting what the state prosecutors in Larisa do with this evidence. It may be very convincing and relevant to my case but which implicates very powerful people, including the Prime Minister, in an attempt to silence by unsavoury means a journalist performing a public watchdog function on the internet.

So far, my experience of the Greek justice system is extremely positive. The police in Larisa and Ajia are certainly very honest. In fact, the people of Greece are very, very  honest. The corruption in Greece appears to be overwhelming among the bankster ruling clique. But this clique is very tricky and dangerous.

Anyway, I have to wait another month or so before I will be able to view the file and the prosecutor’s decision.

In addition, the court in Munster replied to my letter objecting to the way I was stamped as a “conspiracy theorist” and “supposed science journalist” in a verdict in a civil libel case between Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou and a German critic. I have been informed by the head of the court my appeal will be passed on to the judge currently reviewing an appeal of the civil libel case launched by the German critic.

The judgement and covering letter are here

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