The danger of Greece turning into a vast camp for refugees and migrants has existed from the very first moment Alexis Tsipras opened his doors to migrants. As Europe prepares to close its borders to Greece to stem the influx north, Ekathimerini has written an ill tempered commentary, blaming Europe for the very dangerous situation Greece is now facing.

Is that fair?

The danger these vast flows of migrants, which are also exploited by ISIS terrorists to enter Europe, pose to the security, finances and social cohesion of the entire continent are real.

Unable to persuade Tsipras to reintroduce tighter border controls, Europe has been forced to transfer Europe’s exterior borders to the Greek-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) border

“In this way they won’t even have to formally remove Greece from the Schengen agreement,” moans Ekathimerini.

That’s right. A neat solution.

“Clearly they are aiming to do so in a de facto manner and turn the country into an massive refugee and migrant camp,” huffs Ekathimerini.

Actually, northern Europe is just trying to protect itself from tens of millions of more migrants. Tsipras has it in his power to reverse his open doors policy announced by his defence minister Panos Kammenos in March and close the Greek borders anytime.

“The consequences will be terrible for Greece if they succeed,” puffs Ekathimerini.

Rather the consequences will be terrible for Greece if the people don’t finally remove the criminal bankster clique ruining the country from power through propaganda media like Ekathimerini.

The country could very soon be swamped with migrants. We are in uncharted waters. No one knows how many migrants will attempt to come in the coming months but the number registered in January this year alone is 36 times higher than last year.

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