Macedonia will only allow 800, later 600, migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to cross the border at Idomeni, currently the main corridor for migrants trying to reach Germany, Sweden and other, more prosperous parts of the continent.

The closure of the border for a few hours yesterday created chaotic scenes on the Greek side of the crossing as a thousand migrants were left stranded, some having to sleep at a petrol station in minus temperatures.

In spite of being repeatedly warned that Balkan border controls would be tightened, and in spite of a huge surge in the number of migrants arriving in Greece, Alexis Tsipras’ government has made no preparations to house the migrants who will be forced to remain in Greece.

Austria has introduced an upper cap for migrants and Germany is expected to soon follow suit as protests grow over the impact of the migrant surge on the country’s security and finances.

Angela Merkel, the person responsible for opening the country’s borders to migrants and terrorists, has become politically so weak that her resignation is only a question of time.

Meanwhile, eastern European countries are preparing to act together to help stem the influx of migrants along the border of Macedonia and Bulgaria. Significant border defences will be needed along the entire length of the south Balkans. If they are built quickly, they will act as a deterrence to a gigantic surge in migrants this summer.

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