From the BBC:
Migrants and refugees arriving on the Greek islands would immediately be sent back by ferry to Turkey, under a Dutch plan aimed at solving the crisis.

Under the proposal, Labour party leader Diederik Samsom says that in return the EU would offer to take in up to 250,000 refugees a year currently in Turkey.

More than 850,000 people arrived on the Greek islands from Turkey last year.

The plan would need to be in place by spring, before the next surge in numbers is expected, he says.

Already some 46,000 have reached Greece in January. Most arrivals are fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Samsom said Turkey would be willing to accept the return of migrants and refugees, as long as the EU took in 150,000 to 250,000 per year. The Turkish prime minister is due to visit the Netherlands next month.

Sounds a good plan as long as there is back up fence along the Macedonia and Bulgarian border in case Turkey does not cooperate. Turkey’s role in flooding Europe with migrants and ISIS terrorists has been significant. Turkey’s support for ISIS terrorism is, in fact, well documented. Given Recep Erdogan’s criminal support of ISIS, it  would be foolish not to have a reserve border or emergency plan ready in case it is needed when spring comes and Turkey lapses.

Also, there has to be a plan to deal with Globalist NGOs like MSF, whose members are handsomely paid to generously sail out and help bring migrants into Greece, while taking no long term responsibility for these people. Their activities will somehow have to be restricted.

Accepting 150,000 to 250,000 refugees each year also sounds very acceptable as long as they are genuine refugees and mainly women and children and young people seeking an education, the portion of the Syrian population who need help most and who could be most useful to Syria in the future.

Some of the refugees who have entered Europe this year illegally could apply to belong to this annual contingent.

Fact is with many Greeks, for example, starving and wages at an all time low, Europe does not have the resources to be very generous to refugees or give opportunities to economic migrants.

Much better would be for Europe to use its political clout to stop the NATO wars and US controlled ISIS terrorist movements devastating the Middle East and to get the oil and commodities price up so people in Africa, Russia and the Middle East have a future in their own countries.


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