I have just received a call from the police in Larisa summoning me to the police station immediately even though I don’t speak Greek ( 0030 241 062 3158). The police woman refused, at first, to explain to me why I should go to the station or how I was supposed to communicate as someone who does not speak Greek.  She said a police car would be sent to my address to hand me papers. She confirmed I was not charged with any crime.

Lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos deliberately tried to withhold evidence from my file. I presented some evidence on my blog yesterday and am in the process of translating the rest into Greek to the state prosecutor and police as soon as possible. Now it appears that he has filed a complaint with the state prosecutor and they acted immediately to harass me without examining the evidence.

Police told me to take down the blog post with evidence that Christopoulos is corrupt, saying he had filed a complaint that he felt insulted. I pointed out to him I am entitled to put evidence and proof on my blog and will not remove it.

Unacceptable attempt to bully a journalist performing a public watchdog function.


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