Greece truly is a very dangerous place for journalists as I see.

If I do not post every day in the next few days, it is likely because the police in Larisa will have picked me up, arrested me,  and forced me to sign a confession to the murder of Zeus or Athena something. Or if I appear with black eyes and slurred speech and start claiming I was confused about Theodekti Vallianatou, then you will also know it was the police in Larisa.

Not joking given all that has happened so far and the reputation of the police among the locals.

But I am not the only victim of police brutality in Greece. The farmers protesting crushing new taxes and social security contributions were tear gased in Thessaloniki. The Greek police are the attack dogs of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, both highly likely readers of this blog, as I prove in my report, which I managed to get in to the Larisa state prosecutor’s office.

Some evidence of the cover up by the police is already on this blog. It will be presented in full to the top state prosecutor in Larisa and sent to all the political parties and independent media.

Here is the beginning of the charges against the Larisa police, state prosecutor and lawyer…

More soon…

“I am writing this report to present evidence that deputy state prosecutor Anna Balogianni, state prosecutor Christina Fasoula, police official Vangelis Toutounas and my lawyer Kontantinos Christopoulos have conspired to cover up the crimes of Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou, the Abbess of St John the Forerunner monastery, and others

by giving me the false and misleading impression that a full police investigation into the crimes ofTheodekti Polychronia Vallianatou and others was taking place while using the forms of the legal process to thwart justice by directing the investigation to the wrong monastery, namely St George, Karditsa, to a not cleary identifiable person “Th. Ballianatou” in an attempt to suppress and withhold evidence.

Furthermore, I accuse the above of attempt to harass, bully, intimidate me and threaten me with legal action in an attempt to cover up their crimes. Numbers in a key piece of evidence have already been altered by the police in Larisa.


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