Central banks are draining the markets of liquidity, and  helping speculators destroy markets and share prices, targeting  oil and commodity producing countries, China as well Germany’s main bank Deutsche Bank.

Germany needs to prepare a defence of Deutsche Bank by pumping the market with liquidity or stopping the speculators. If Deutsche Bank is destroyed by the Globalists, Germany will face a massive social and econic upheaval.

China has responded vigorously to the attacks mounted on its currency by George Soros, flooding the market with liquidity.  It has even issued an official warning against Soros.

But where is the German response? Where is the investigation into the alleged massive losses of Deutsche Bank? Where is the emergency plan to save it from collapse?

As for the oil price, even Saudi Arabia is beginning to realize it must stop pumping oil into the market to push up the price. If necessary, Saudi Arabia should halt all production immediately for six months acting on its own.

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