Farmers trying to enter Athens in buses to participate in a protest against punishing new taxes and social security hikes clashed with riot police on the capital’s outskirts after they were denied entry in violation of an agreement.

Farmers had left their tractors behind on the instructions of the government. But when they tried to enter in vehicles to join a protest in front of the parliament at 5 pm this evening, they found riot police blocking their path. Police fired tear gas to halt the farmers.



Farmers from all over Greece descended on Athens today to protest taxes and social security hikes tha would bankrupt them, leaving banks and vulture funds to foreclose on their farms.


Shame on the Greek police! If the whole country collapses and descends into Third World chaos, it will be largely their fault. Instead of following the law, they have allowed themselves to become attack dogs for the bankers and their puppet Alexis Tsipras.

We have seen many faces of Tsipras in his short time on the world’s political stage. Tsipras the smooth talker, the liar, the clown. Today, Greece saw the thuggish and despotic face of Tsipras ordering the police to use extreme violence against the country’s farmers.

Read my latest version detailing the staggering corruption of Larisa state prosecutors and police here.

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