From The Guardian:

Jeremy Hunt has provoked a fierce row with the medical profession after taking the high-risk decision to impose the controversial new contract on junior doctors, many of whom responded by threatening to quit the NHS.

The health secretary told parliament that he would impose the revised terms and conditions on junior doctors in August – making Saturday part of their core hours – after two months of negotiations failed to end the long-running and bitter dispute.

His move sparked a fresh wave of anger among the 45,000 junior doctors in England who will be affected, and warnings that his decision will exacerbate the NHS’s already serious shortages of medics in key areas of care with doctors choosing to head to Scotland or Wales, overseas or quit the profession altogether.

The British Medical Association vowed to continue fighting the contract and would “consider all options open to us”, which could include an all-out strike affecting emergency care. Doctors held impromptu demonstrations on Thursday evening outside the Department of Health headquarters in London, and in Manchester.

From the Huffington Post:
Junior doctors may yet be spared from having new pay and hours conditions imposed on them, after it was revealed 150 hospitals in England could refuse to hand-down the order.

‘Foundation trust hospitals’ are not controlled by central government, so will not be forced to accept health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s new terms for junior medical staff’s hours and pay.

Unlike standard NHS hospitals, foundation trusts decide the contracts of doctors with their own board rather than having them dictated by government

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