I went to the main court in Larisa this afternoon to deliver a copy of my criminal charges in English and a confirmation that the Greek translation would be finished on Thursday. I was told that the investigation has been stopped, and is set to be reviewed.

In my criminal charges, I present evidence of substantial procedural violations which undermine the entire investigation and mean that a fair, impartial and open process, appropriate to the statutory, institutional rules has not taken place.


After I asked for information on my case, I was told that state prosecutor Christina Fasoula made an “exceptional request” for the investigation into Theodekti Vallianatou and others to be stopped. It has now been transferred to  another department for review. I was told that those conducting the  review would wait for my criminal charges and civil complaint to be translated into Greek and take them into account. Let’s see.

We are talking about staggering violations of procedure including suppressing the original charges filed at Larisa police headquarters, inventing new charges out of thin air, and using handwritten communications to hide the above.

Official confirmation today from the Larisa court that they know that a Greek translation of my charges is underway and due to be submitted at the end of the week is here:



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