Just putting the finishing touches to my criminal charges alleging the perversion of justice by police and justice officials in Larisa.

The Greek translation can be read here

Greek criminal charges

I still need to get certified translations of the relevant parts of emails and other documents serving as evidence.

I also need to make a written request in Greek to have all communications relevant to my case sent directly to me now that I am representing myself.

Furthermore, I need to make sure I file the charges officially paying the 100 euro fee or stamp fee I understand is required at the tax office.

I am also going to make a written request to Larisa police headquarters to send me a copy of the charges that I paid a 100 euro fee to deposit on April 22nd 2015 according to a local tax office receipt with the serial number 8144904.

Also, I will ask the police need to send me a copy of the protocol number linked to the number 1053/3/136.

In addition, I have to resubmit my original complaint to initiate an immediate investigation into the  serious charges against Theodekti Vallianatou and Theoniki and others that I brought in April.

This complaint alone can be the legal basis of any police investigation. Fabricating charges is not allowed.

On top of all that, I need to make a formal application for the investigation to be restarted and on the basis of my original complaint.

In short, lots of little things to do to get my case back on track.

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