A busy day. I had to rush around to make it to Larisa court on time because I may have lost the case  by failing to make a timely response or appearance. This is not a fair process.

In violation of my right to prepare my response, I was given the opportunity to obtain the lawsuit in Greek only from 7 am, five hours before I was due to appear before the judge, and with almost no warning.

I had to get a rapid oral translation done, enough to establish the falsity of the claims of Simos Samaras and present counter evidence in written Greek. It was easy enough to defeat the claims of Samaras.

When I appeared at 12 pm, the judge, who claimed not to understand a word of English, refused aggressively and point blank to accept my written evidence insisting I bring a lawyer. That even though all the lawyers are on strike and even though  I was summoned in relation to a lawsuit involving a written text in English and the most appropriate evidence is a written analysis translated into Greek and she as judge has an obligation to review evidence and evidence in the appropriate manner.

Written statements are the only evidence to handle a  defamation lawsuit which concerns written texts in the English language on my blog. It is important for me to establish the exact meaning of certain phrases in English to defeat the claims of the plaintiff. This exactness can only be achieved in written form and with a certified translation into Greek. A great deal is at stake for me and I must be given the right to present evidence fully.

It cannot also be expected that any Greek lawyer is acquainted with the English language, and able to translate accurately the nuances concerning the exact meanings of my words. Yet, if a lawyer does make a grave factual mistake, I will not be able to correct him during the oral proceedings simply for language reasons.

I do not speak or understand Greek. I cannot, therefore, participate in an oral discussion in Greek on my English language texts.

As a result any purely oral evidence in Greek in the proceedings could revolve around an inaccurate translation or interpretation of key part of my English text. This could lead to a factually incorrect judgement, something to my disadvantage. This must be clear to any judge and, therefore, purely oral proceedings in Greek cannot be sanctioned if a judge wants to avoid exposing themselves to the accusation of bias.

The judge is misusing the evidence issue to try to restrict evidence to  oral evidence, presented by a lawyer, when judges have an obligation to consider written evidence too when written evidence is critical.

The fact that Samaras is asking for nine blog posts to be removed including hard evidence of the perversion of justice by police and justice officials which do not refer to him shows his lawsuit is just a front for another attempt to crush my right to freedom of speech and expose wrong doing by police and justice officials in Larisa.

A lawyer from the association was presented to me when I arrived. I refused him as my representative. He seemed to have very basic English and German, hardly the kind of person that can handle a highly specialised discussion of the English language text orally even if he were not subject to improper influence.

The judge threatened to issue a default judgement against me after refusing to recognize my special circumstances and the strike and take written evidence in Greek.

The judge consented to postpone the case to Tuesday to give me time to find a lawyer after I tasked  the association lawyer to ask for a postponement orally. The judge refused to give me any written summons or statement. She claimed this was the normal procedure in Greece. I will seek advice on that.

I will try to find a lawyer but will give any lawyer only very clearly defined and  limited powers of attorney to deposit for every specific occasion a written application to present only written evidence and to deposit that written evidence.

Also, it is inadmissible that blog posts are the subject of a defamation lawsuit that do not mention  Samaras.

The state prosecutor is obliged to search for evidence impartially. Given the exceptional facts of this case, the fact that the text is in English and the fact I do not speak Greek, the fact that no lawyer in Larisa  can be expected to be an expert in English, an oral discussion in Greek in which I cannot participate undermines my ability to present evidence and the whole proceedings.

No court or plaintiff will be able to enforce an injunction in any country outside of Greece given the overwhelming evidence I am able to present of the truth of my allegations. Any attempt to place an injunction against me outside of Greece will be seen as misuse of the civil courts to suppress evidence of wrongdoing by Greek police, state prosecutors and lawyers and expose those responsible to legal action.

Facts related to this episode will be added to my criminal charges. The close relationship between Theodekti, lawyer Christopulos and Samaras confirms my suspicions and is especially noteworthy in my charges.

These will be filed together with the fee and the original charges against Theodekti. I filed a criminal complaint at the police station and I have the right to have an investigation based on that complaint. Instead, charges have been suppressed, new crimes fabricated, the accused has been allowed to give a witness statement while I and essential witnesses have been denied the right as facts and evidence posted on this blog show.

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