Lawyer under suspicion of influencing my lawyer calls Theodekti Vallianatou as his witness. Proof of close working relationship?

Simos Samaras, the lawyer from Thessaloniki, who dictated to lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos his resignation letter and gave him instructions on how to handle my case, has filed an injunction to block nine posts giving evidence and proof of the perversion of justice of police officials, state prosecutors and lawyers. He is not mentioned in most of them, so it is not clear why he has an interest in having them removed and also what his legal right is.


Offering proof that my original claim that Saramas was helping Christopoulos throw my case on behalf of the Orthodox church comes in the fact that Samaras has called Theodekti Vallianatou and Christopoulos as his witnesses to give sworn statements on his behalf to the court on Monday at 11 am handling this case.

To call Theodekti Vallianatou as a witness implies a relationship of trust and support, and indeed of cooperation in legal cases. It is highly unlikely that he or Christopoulos developed that relationship in the past two weeks. Much more plausible is that there has been a long term relation of trust and cooperation to throw my case.

I was able to have a quick oral translation of a suit filed this morning and have to appear before the judge at 12 pm.

The central claim of Samaras that I stated he was bribed and an instrument of the Orthodox church on my blog post is false. I gave facts and evidence that strongly suggested the notion and raised a valid question. That is my right. Presenting facts and evidence of wrong doing is protected by my right to freedom of speech.

The civil courts are being misused to suppress evidence of criminal wrong doings in an abuse of procedure.

Also, I received no summons from the court to a hearing on Monday at 11 am. If I had not appeared, a default judgement or injunction could have been issued. This is a substantial violation of procedure which strikes at my right to give evidence and present my case fully.

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