Letter to Chair of Commons Health Committee

I just sent Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP, Chair of the Commons Health Committee, UK Parliament, a letter explaining that I have not been able to submit evidence to a public inquiry into whether the UK is adequately prepared for infectious disease outbreaks because of the incredible amount of work I have had to put into my legal actions in Greece. I asked for an extension.

You can read the letter here.

The text…

Dear Dr Sarah Wollaston,

In response to your letter to me on 4th January 2016, I would like, first of all, to thank you for opening a public inquiry into the issue of whether the UK is adequately prepared to handle infectious disease emergencies and for seeking to secure information.

WHO has just declared Zika a public health emergency, triggering International Health Regulations and national pandemic plans, which could have a far reaching impact on the UK public.

Accurate information on WHO’s Zika and other infectious disease emergency declaration is, therefore, vital for MPs and politicians to formulate, confirm or modify their approach.

Accurate information on all aspects of the Zika emergency, such as disease notification, investigation and diagnosis, is also vital for doctors and nurses, who will be expected to manage cases.

Complete information on the special Zika and other epidemic vaccines, which are the main policy tool of WHO in infectious disease outbreaks, is especially important for doctors and nurses. This is because health care personnel are designated by WHO as a priority group to receive these special vaccines in a public health emergency.

Your decision to undertake a public inquiry to secure information on the best policies for handling infectious diseases will, I believe, help protect the health of the medical personnel and also the general public.

Much as I would like to submit evidence to the inquiry, and important as I believe it is to fill gaps in information that exist in relation to infectious disease emergencies, I have been unable to do so.

This is because of the urgent need to take legal action over the cover up of a murder attempt made against me in Greece in April 2015 on account of my journalism activities. These focussed at the time on the risks associated with the experimental Ebola vaccines as well as the Medical Innovation Bill or Saatchi Bill. I sent you and other MPs an Open Letter on this subject almost one year to the day exactly.

I have had to spend many days documenting in criminal charges a conspiracy involving Greek police officials, state prosecutors, lawyers, Orthodox clergy and others to pervert the course of justice.

For a more detailed information on the way the above mentioned suppressed evidence, fabricated new charges, colluded in allowing the prime suspect to make false oral statements to the police while denying me and essential witnesses the right, prepared to impose a penalty on me and other problematic actions, please see the criminal charges I filed at Larisa court yesterday together with evidence on my birdflu666 blog. These files are too large to send as gmail attachments but can be viewed in a post from 19 February 2016 entitled “Records”.

A copy in Greek with the official court stamp can also be viewed.

I was told by a Larisa court official yesterday, who gave me an oral translation of a court document that I signed for, that a new prosecutor will reopen the case.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that one of the essential witnesses, who should now be questioned, is UK national and Oxford graduate Theoktisti Nichola Emsley. Simply by virtue of being an essential witness, who could be called to make an oral statement in this new investigation, she may now be in danger.

I believe this information about my case is important for you to know as Chair of the Commons Health Committee seeking to obtain information. It is one thing, after all, if publishing information on vaccines and doubtful declarations of infectious disease emergencies by WHO is a harmless pass time. It is quite another thing if it is a dangerous activity.

Gaps in information that result from the murder or attempted murder of journalists and high level government cover ups are, I believe, unacceptable. 

I will seek to submit evidence to the inquiry as soon as possible, but ask to be given some latitude due to exceptional circumstances.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Buergermeister



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