Larisa state prosecutors officially reopen investigation

Greek state prosecutors have opened a formal investigation into Theodekti Vallianatou according to a document that I received at Larisa court on Friday.

A visual inspection of the first page of the document does indeed show a key date and protocol number associated with the criminal charges I filed against Theodekti Vallianatou and others.

The date 22nd April 2015 as well as the protocol number 1053/31/136B and my name, albeit mispelled (then again, it is a long and difficult surname), can be seen.

page 1

The document seems to use very legal language, which is hard even for Greek speakers to understand.

page 2

page 3

A Larisa court official told me the document explains the investigation will be assigned to a new prosecutor after state prosecutor Christina Fasoula made a formal request to pass the case on to someone else, understandable since she overlooked the above mentioned charges altogether and helped direct the investigation to the wrong monastery, the wrong person and the wrong money transfers.

I think the scale of the cover up, in the meanwhile, proves that crimes were committed.

Also, lawyer Simos Samaras has kindly provided me with evidence that my lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos was indeed bribed by Orthodox clergy to throw the case.

In an extraordinary lapse of judgement, Samaras named Theodekti Vallianatou as well as Christopoulos as his two witnesses in a defamation lawsuit against me dated February 17th 2016.

Samaras’ decision to call Theodekti and Christopoulos as his witnesses indicates a special and supportive relationship exists between all three of them.

It is not clear how such a special relationship could have developed by random chance between Samaras, a big shot lawyer based in the bustling city of Thessaloniki and Theodekti, based on an isolated mountain top 200 kilometres away, and my lawyer based in Larisa.

The most plausible explanation for their special relationship is that they were indeed working together to pervert the course of justice in my case, something suggested by a huge body of other evidence.

I can only imagine Samaras must have been undergoing some kind of mental meltdown to actually deliver me hard proof of that on February 17th.

There is something to be said after all for working for years as a journalist who has to meet very tight deadlines. It does make you stress resistant.

Anyway, I hope the new state prosecutor moves quickly. Theodekti Vallianatou is a very dangerous woman. She is all the more dangerous because she enjoys the support of the Bishop of Volos and other high ranking Orthodox clergy. To leave a woman who has committed such serious crimes in total charge of an isolated monastery and all the people is the height of irresponsibility and a recipe for disaster.



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