Macedonia closed its southern border with Greece to Afghan migrants on Sunday after similar restrictions were put in place by Austria and other neighbours to the north.

Austria has introduced a daily cap on the number of migrants and refugees allowed into the country. Only 80 asylum applications will be accepted each day at Austria’s southern border.

On Wednesday, Austria is hosting a summit of West Balkan countries to discuss the coordinated closure of borders in the region to migrants arriving in Greece.

The moves to tighten borders on the Balkans come amid a surge in the number of migrants arriving on Greek islands.

A total of 2,090 refugees arrived on Lesbos island in one day alone, according to the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Over 11,000 refugees and migrants arrived on Greek islands in the past three days, sparking questions in the Greek media about the role of NATO ships in allegedly stemming the flow.

Even as Greece faces the closure of its northern borders amid an unprecedented influx of migrants, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras  assured the parliament yesterday  the borders would not be closed reinforcing the notion that he has lost touch.

In addition to migrant chaos, Tsipras faces continuing protests from farmers, blockading national roads and border crossings in protest at crushing new taxes and social security contribution hikes.

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